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Depth in the Vista

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It probably has to do with being able to inter connect fishfinders/sounders using NMEA to GPS units.


The sounder is then able to display positional information (from the GPS) to the user along with the bottom information all on the one screen.


As well as that the sounder supports the export of depth information and GPS units that support the input of depth information are able to save/record that depth information as part of the waypoint.


Cheers, Kerry.


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I have a Garmin Fishfinder/depth sounder on my boat which plugs into my GPSmap 76 with the power/data cable. When you set the com on the 76map to NMEA 183 it receives and records depth, which can then be downloaded to a computer with the tracklog. Great for making maps with soundings on them. The sounder does not need to be a Garmin for this to work, since NMEA is a Marine industry standard.

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