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MapSource United States Topo Question

Guest LuvGuppy

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Guest LuvGuppy

Is there a way to transfer all of the map images to my hard drive? Every time I start the program it prompts me to load my West CD into the drive. I like to jump around the west coast & Alaska, and it?s inconvenient to keep swapping between the disks. Has anyone done this before?


Thanks for your time,



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Guest Hawk-eye

There was a CD emulater program out there that you can use to do that ... for the life of me I can't think of the name or the site right off the top of my head ... maybe someone out there knows it. You can even get it to work with Maptech Software ... try doing a search for a CD emulater program ... when I get a chance I'll see if I can find the program ... I may even have it somewhere on a disk ... Good luck.

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Guest kellytklp

I copied the entire CD to my hard drive and installed it from there. It does not prompt me for the CD. It did take a few minutes to copy all the files but it was worth it. I should point out that this was Garmin Mapsource.


Good luck!

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Guest LuvGuppy

Thanks kellytklp,


I copied the files to my hard drive and reinstalled the program. It?s working great!


Hawk-eye, I?m still interested in the CD emulator program. I did a quick search and came up with nothing. I?m going to try again later, but if you find the program or web site I would be very interested.


Thanks again,



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Guest k2dave

I asked the same thing (well the east cd). Basically I had to edit my win registry to search a particular place on my harddrive. Don't remember the details but you can do a search for it.

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