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MapSend Street Inaccuracy

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This is a visual example of the Inaccuracy of MapSend Streets compared to "the real world".


I was driving to work every day with my GPS showing my location well off the road (Highway I-70 - a major road). In Downtown KC, it sometimes showed me on a different street.


I am not complaining. I realized that to have every street in the USA on one CD, you lose some detail. I merely want to show those who are curious a visual. I did find that the aerial photo in ExpertGPS was right on.






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I think that in a lot of ways, sorting out electronic maps is one of the more confusing elements regarding GPS units.


I couldn't help but noticing that the contour lines were running through the lake. The averaging of elevation data with the Magellan TOPO drives me nuts sometimes as I can't visualize the terrain with them and thus use them without my gps. Those photo maps are great as a way of figuring out how accurate your receiver was.


I finally got around to posting some updates to my webpage to include comparisons of TOPO maps, as well as my test of waterproof ratings on the Sportrak and eTrex if anyones interested in some more map comparisons.


For the map section:




My homepage:



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