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!paq 3955 only to store downloads still use GPSMAP76 for hunting

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I get my PDA tomorrow (05/31/2003)I'm only looking to use the PDA (ipaq 3955 pocket pc) to store my downloaded locations. I currently use Expert GPS and Mapsource for my maps and topo maps. What software can I use on the PDA to hold all this info. I'm going to Hawaii in a few days and want to have all my potential Geocaching spots loaded into the PDA for easy access while roaming the islands.

Key point is I don't want to carry paper anymore....



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Originally posted by Growley:

How do you convert your pocket query to a GPX file so GPXview will read it? Thanks.


On the Pocket Query Generator page, the second to last selection asks you to choose the format you want it in...LOC or GPX. Just set that to GPX.



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I found a way to load topo maps to my iPAQ 3955...easy as ExpertGPS. After locating a map that you want to use just pull down the "Map" menu and then select "export Image". this will save in a Jpeg format. then just drop and drag to a folder on your Ipaq and your in business....the iPAQ then views the map in windows viewer. However, ExpertGPS does let you zoom in and out so look for your quality preference. It also alows you to change the sixe of the exported file. You'll have to play with this. I can open a 1meg jpg. file, but not a 2meg file without a memory upgrade. Not a problem though...just save related files and change the file your viewing on the go.


I hope this helps others...I dpon't know if the shareware version of ExpertGPS will allow you to export files. I may be worth the purchase. I'm glad I already done so.



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In ExpertGPS you can delete and add waypoints as you want. I haven't tried saving the file yet but, I would think it would save in a ".GPX" format. No ? I'll have to give it a try. It didn't even dawn on me to weed out the ones I didn't want after receiving the results from the pocket query. I certainly won't be able to do all of them while in Hawaii.



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Ok, I need help. I downloaded GPXview and it's now on my ipaq3955. I got a pocket query in GPX format. I tried to download the pocket query to my ipaq and EasyGPS came up and wouldn't let me download to my PDA. What am I doing wrong. I love the way the caches appear, at least from the sample in GPXView and I really want to use it instead of Mobi!!!



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Have set up your PDA to sync files? If so then

save the GPX file you get in your email to your desktop. Then drag it from your desktop to the folder created by ActiveSysnc. Sync your computer and PDA, then open GPXViewer and you will see the numbered GPX file tap and away you go.


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