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Suggestion from experienced cachers for a GPS unit??

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I have a Palm m130 with the NAVMAN GPS add on. I downloaded the GeoNiche software (http://www.nwlink.com/~raydar/GeoNiche/index.html) and love it.


Only problem I have is I'm afraid of damaging my Palm out in the "wild" while geocaching. So far I have only tried 1/1 caches, and I fear damaging the unit in more challanging terrain.


Any suggestions for a GPS that has all the features I get with GeoNiche on the Palm?


I plan on using the Palm for "on road" navigation and a new GPS in the field. Therefore I don't need the fancy "turn by turn" driving features some units have, but I do want a unit that gets better reception under tree cover and is durable.


Let's here from all you fans of the particular unit you use...what makes it better than the others?


Thanks in advance to all who respond.


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My first attempt to find a cache was with an old Garmin 45 (now obsolete) and it was horrible. Zero coverage under trees. I then (as you now) looked for suggestions for a better unit. I found a few recommendations for the Garmin 76. I looked around a bit and bought one. I love it. Excellent sensitivity and coverage in trees, etc. I have found a few caches with it now and have really grown to like it a lot.

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The GPS 76 is a good choice. I've got the MAP76, among other units, & you'll find that it will serve you well under adverse conditions (tree cover, etc.)Whatever you get, go for something with a quad helix antenna. Up here in the Northeast, the smaller but feature packed eTrex line, with the patch antenna,didn't fare as well under a dense canopy of tree cover. And, stating the obvious, always carry a stand alone, basic, good ol' non-battery powered compass.



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The 76 would be a good choice but also consider a Garmin eMap. I have one and just bought the Garmin V. I find the map portion of the eMap nice to have as many old roads and some trails are shown when Mapsource maps are loaded. Further, I find the shape of the eMap very nice to slip in the shirt pocket or pants pocket. I'm thinking that I might just use my V for navigation and the eMap for trail use. The big point is that the eMap can be bought for well under $200 just about anywhere.


Steve Bukosky N9BGH

Waukesha Wisconsin

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Ok, since we are offering suggestions, I'll say that what I have is a SporTrak Pro, and it has worked really well for me, and I like the compact size vs the Meridian. Only tradeoff is the Meridian has expandable memory, and a slightly larger screen. Both have the same antenna and receiver circuitry. If you travel all over the US and needs LOTS of maps onboard, go for the Meridian and a 128mb SD card. A SporTrrak Pro holds the Streets & Topo for my entire state, though, with about 6mb left over, so for me it is wasn't worth the extra weight & bulk.


Also, even with the smaller patch antennas the eTrex line works ok in the pine woods we have in the south. (Don't get me wrong -- it's not as good as a Quad Helix, but good enough.) There's probably a greater difference in denser cover, like the Pacific Northwest, though.

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