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Which program is best for me? HELP!!

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I have a Magellan Meridian series GPS, and I mostly use it for hiking/caching out here in the Arizona desert. The built-in database is nice, but I would like to have more street detail (for getting to trailheads) and elevations (so I know what kind of climb I am in for). From all the reading I have been doing, it would seem like the TOPO CD would be my best choice. Any others? Do I need anything other thatn an SD card and reader to load this stuff onto the GPS? And can I get the whole state of Arizona on there, or just little sections of map? Thanks for helping.

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MapSend titles are the only ones that will upload maps to your Meridian. Topo has everything you need, including street level detail. It also gives you an upcoming elevation profile on the GPSr which should help you out.


I just checked my program, and a 32mb rectangle map would include all of Arizona, southern Nevada, southern Utah, and southern California over to San Diego. More maps can be up loaded to the SD card and switched back and forth if you desire.


If Arizona is all you need, a 32mb card will handle it. You don't even need a reader if one map is all you want - just use the cable. It takes a while, but if you only do it once, it doesn't matter. You can always buy a reader later.

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Here is my take.


First of all, for accurate street information you need software like MS Streets and Trips. It's not the only one that does the job, but you need one oriented towards roads to have the best info on roads.


For accurate trails and topo info you need something based on the USGS quad maps. These are great for trails and terrain, and suck at the latest information on roads.


Lastly, if you want mapping on your GPS then you have no choice but to get the mapping software that works with your GPS as already mentioned.


If you want a compromise software...It doesn't exist. Start with the mapping software for your GPS and figure out if you are still missing something. Then add it.


Wherever you go there you are.

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