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MapSource 4.07 beta

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Originally posted by st_richardson:

What are the differences? Any improvements? Should I rush out and download it?

MapSource Version 4.06 to 4.07 BETA Differences:


Changed software version number from 4.06 to 4.07

Made various improvements to tide prediction dialog.

Made elevation lines lighter in topographic maps.

Fixed problem that was causing some errors in displayed information in the product info dialog.

Fixed problem that allowed documents to sometimes contain waypoints with non-unique names which caused a problem when transferred to the GPS.

Fixed problem where out of range conditions would cause file export operations to abort.

Changed the display of depth values to always have resolution of tenths.

Fixed a problem that caused waypoint symbols to be incorrectly imported from PCX5 files.

Changed track drawing to display actual track points when zoomed in sufficiently.

Added "Time" tab to Preferences dialog to allow user to choose the time zone for displayed times.

Added ability to cut, copy, paste and delete portions of tracks.

Changed the route properties dialog to have a cancel button and a close box.

Changed the way that elapsed time is calculated for tracks such that it is the sum of the absolute values of the individual leg times.

Changed track drawing to add ability to highlight the currently selected piece of the track being edited.

Changed the track properties dialog so that leg statistics are displayed on the same line as the first point of the leg instead of the last point of the leg.

Fixed a bug that caused MapSource to report that it could not open a file and then exit if the user had a ìcompactî installation.

Improved undo functionality such that if nothing is available to be undone then the document does not need to be saved.

Added menu item to open the Garmin web page to see the latest available MapSource version.

Changed the data size of maps shown in the status bar to have 2 decimal places precision.

Changed the display of time spans greater than 24 hours to show as "N days HH:MM:SS". Time spans less than 24 hours still show as "HH:MM:SS".

Changed address searching functionality to work with alphanumeric street numbers.

Changed the waypoint properties dialog to immediately reflect visible changes in the map window.

The "Show On Map" button in the waypoint properties dialog does not dismiss the dialog.

Added ability to right-click on a map in the Maps tab and choose a context menu item to display the properties for that map.

Changed double-click and enter key behavior in Maps tab to display map properties.

Added dialog to display progress and allow canceling during auto route calculation.

Changed USB card programmer code to work with data cards containing new-style chips.

Added button in track properties dialog to display the vertical profile of the track.

During PCX5 import, made proximity distance of 0.0 mean "unknown".

Changed address dialog to not require an address number. This allows searching by street name only.

Changed serial data transfer progress dialog to display the current baud rate.

Fixed a bug that caused labels on line features to sometimes disappear when zoomed in.

Added dialog to warn if user is about to delete the currently recording track.

Fixed a bug that caused MapSource to sometimes fail if an invalid unlock code was added.

Changed text that is displayed when a GPS auto-detect fails to include suggestions to help the user.



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