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Problem with Etrax Vista

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This is my first post on the message board so take it easy on me. Anyway this is my problem, I use my Vista on my motorcycle with the handlebar mount and if I hit a bump it will turn itself off. Is this normal with this unit? Or should I return it? It gets annoying when you are looking for a cache and look down and it has a blank screen..so I restart it and 5 seconds later same thing...You get the point. Thanks

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Mine did that some and so did others. The fix was to spring out the battery connections some. Your batteries are in there loose. I did that to mine and have had no problems what so ever. I was using mine on my ATV handle bar mount. Give that a shot first and if it doesn't work then give Garmin a call on thier 800 number for technical support.



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There have been a few topics about this. You might do a search for Etrex vibration. A quick fix is to put a strip of tape on each side of the inside of the removable back. See what happens. A more elegant fix involves a few little "nipples" of silicone caulking.


Good luck.

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