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GPS signal blocked by auto windshield?


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I have a 99 Dodge 1500 P/U. I have a Garmin GPS Map76 and I use an external ant. but it sits so low in the window that the sats behind can't come in. It still displays pretty good. The only way I could get better reception would be put in a roof mount. I really don't like making holes in the roof. So I am happy.


ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA

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Typically most of your high end cars are going to have this feature. Audi A8,A6 BMW 5,7...Ect

It is also a problem with ezpass and other drive thur toll units. You can go to ezpass.com and they list cars that need the sensor on the bumper...

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My car is on the list and I have noticed that sometimes I can still get good signal and other times I lose it completely. What I have found is usally if I place the GPS near the edge of the windshield it is better, and also the angle of the windshield to the horizon seems to make a difference (like going up or down a hill compared to traveling on level ground)

Bottom line is the reception is spotty at best.

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