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Streets and Trips $10.00 rebate until June 30, 2004

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Originally posted by Faderaven:

This product includes Pocket Streets. Price is about $35.00 after the rebate.


Anyone know if you can download an entire state to your pocket pc? Is it possible to carve it up into neat sections for downloading?


You can carve it up into 1 megabyte or so "chunks" for pocketstreets. For example, about 1/4 of the state of Louisiana is about 8 megs (9 chunks around 9 major cities/areas).


Each chunk must be managed as a separated map, however. They don't "link" side-by-side.


Oh yeah, and *no routing* on the pocketpc, just maps.




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If you have an earlier version, you might want to go to Amazon.com they have a review on 2004. Its not the best review, if you don't have an earlier version then by all means get 2004.

Iv'e been using it since it was automap and it came on floppy disks, and have always been happy with it.


All who look are not lost

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