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Garmin Etrex Venture and DeLorme Street Atlas


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Good Morning,

I have a Etrex Venture, DeLorme Deluxe Street Atlas, and a Garmin interface cord. However, I can't get the PC and the GPS to talk to each other. The PC seems to "know" when the GPS is attached but the Street Atlas says"no GPS info". Is this GPS unit and software compatible? Is anyone using this combination for GPS tracking while driving a specified map route? Any help will be appreciated. The software literature refers me to the GPS literature which refers me back to the GPS literature. Which port, 1 or 3? Baud rate? ETC !!!!



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Try setting GPS unit to Garmin. Under the gps settings, set the device to garmin/garmin. Try port 1 (or whatever port your serial port is).

set 9600,8,N,1. Click done.

Check auto detect GPS and either auto start gps or click start gps.

Give that a try.

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Originally posted by OFF RODE:

In National Geo Topo! you need to set the interface to NMEA


Yes, you have to turn on NMEA on your GPSr. Delorme software may not detect your unit with out it.

There may be more than one version of NMEA on your GPSr. Choose each 'till it works for you.


Preperation, the first law to survival.


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I use Delorme Street Atlas 9 with an etrex basic and an etrex legend. SA9 seems to speak the native garmin protocol, and that is surprising since even the Garmin MasSource program seems to need the NMEA interface setting for live tracking.


Anyway, it can take SA 9 a little while to recognize the unit and get lock (5 minutes or so), but after that it works fine.... well.. I still don't like its routing choices, and there are a lot of errors in the maps that I wish I could correct, but the communication between the GPSr and the software seems to work okay.


-- Mitch of team Pneumatic

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