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Finding 2nd loaded region on Meri/Plat SD ???

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I have a Meridian Platinum that I down loaded the latest V4.02 and all seams to be working OK. My question is that I later loaded (2) separate regions ( A & B ) of about 8Mb each on to a 64Mb SanDisk from my MapSend Topo CD, the problem is that I only see one location call it (A) when I go to MAP > Menu > Database in the bottom window. The utility option shows that approx 16Mb has been used up, but I don’t know where location (:D is…..could it be because location A is in Calf. and location B is in Arizona ??? How do I find the second loaded Region (:D on this GPS???

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Just an idea, but since you have nice big ol' 64mb card, you could always use the mapsend software to combine the regions into one map. That way, when you travel out of one region and into the next (Arizona) you don't have to change maps, and the transisiton will be seamless. You will just see a line on the map screen showing the boundaries of each region you have loaded.



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I just got a good deal on a 64mb sandisk SD card ($35.00) at Wal*mart. came home and created two reagions to load in it.After loading it I noticed that it made them both into one map? In the menu at the change map screen there is only one option and that is detail00.img. I don't have a card reader. Is there any way to make it so I can seperate the reagions? This is the second time I tryed, the first time I made three reagions and the map would not even load. All three reagions totaled to 54000kb, so I thought it might have been too large to open at once. Any help is appreacated. Bob G. (1pilot)

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