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New and FREE Mapping Program

Guest Rubbertoe
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Guest Rubbertoe

This guy is my new hero...




Saved me a considerable amount of money, for the little bit that I needed a mapping package for. I wanted something that'd display saved tracks over maps, and this puppy does it. Well.


Mainly for Garmin GPS devices - but can still be used for downloading 4 zoom level maps from terraserver.


Go look, I don't wanna describe it all... you will like. icon_smile.gif

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Guest peter

Originally posted by Rubbertoe:

This guy is my new hero...


Thanks - very neat program. I just got back from a 4 mile walk around our neighborhood and uploaded the track from my eMap onto the Terraserver aerial photos. The track followed the sidewalk precisely except where we detoured into a parking lot due to a construction zone.

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Guest Rubbertoe

While I can get it to download and display saved tracks, I've not been able to get it to accept any uploaded waypoints from my eTrex.


But, on that same note, that is the only feature I was looking for in a mapping program - something that could download a track and plot on a TerraServer map, where I went. icon_smile.gif

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I have used this little program to "scout out" cache sites. In fact, I have been able to locate 4 caches using just the Terraserver images alone...no GPS! (Just call it my "Virtual GPSR")


My method has been to identify significant objects such as trees, rocks and cliffs on the Terraserver image and then look for those objects in the field. Relating the images to actual objects on the ground gives the game an interesting new twist. This may not work in heavily forested or very rocky areas. Here in the west many locations are ideal to pick out such landmarks, due to limited vegetation.


I have also used the Terraserver images to identify roads and trails that may not otherwise appear on a topo map. Some of my co-workers are using this program to "pre-scout" hunting areas. They identify likely terrain, trails, and landmarks and then upload the coordinates to their GPSR. After returning from the field they download track information to verify trails and look for other access routes.


We have noticed a few minor bugs and awkward procedures in the program, but the author releases updates every couple of weeks so these should eventually be identified and corrected.


All in all, this is a very handy little program. It makes using the Terraserver images much more bearable. Having the images available offline speeds everything up. I highly recommend it!



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Guest steveor

This program is terrific! I guess Doug Cox made a few fixes because it works flawlessly with my eTrex Venture. It uploads all my waypoints and tracks with no problems.


It seems like cheating now to get an aerial view of a cache before you even get there. But I don't feel so bad when I know where to park ahead of time instead of driving around in circles.

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Guest Gliderguy

I think I might know what the issue is with some garmins:


if with easygps you look at your waypoints and see a bunch of CRTD HH:MM DD-MMM-YY timestamps in the comments field that are all identical, the data gets corrupted. If you edit these in easy gps be different, you get working waypoints. I sent the author an email on this already...

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Guest Gliderguy

did a little more research and now I am more baffled by what is going on here.


all I know for certain right now is that anytime I upload waypoints, if USAphoto shows the waypoints by their 6 character name, the data is corrupted. If they show by their 20 character comment field, they are useable.


I am not 100% certain why they list sometimes by comment and other times by waypoint name.


the tracks have always worked fine, I am only having trouble downloading waypoints.


My email just popped up. Doug has already responded, he agrees there is something fishy going on along these lines, and he is already looking at it...



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t or can you somehow set the program to except them as is from the cache pages?


Any tips would be welcome.




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When the program first comes up, it presents a screen where you enter a name for the map. At this point you also enter the coordinates for initial Latitude & Longitude. Just enter the degrees and minutes fields with the Geocaching coordinates and leave the seconds blank.


The screen will come up with a grid and you need to tell it to download the map data. I believe the newest version of the program displays a placeholder mark at the original coordinates specified. From there use the View option to set the program to use Degrees/Minutes. Then re-enter the coordinates to set the waypoint. It's a bit awkward, but seems to work for me.


To print a map, relocate the cursor over the waypoint symbol until the title bar shows the correct coordinates, then press the print screen button or use a screen capture utility. From print screen, run a graphics program, paste from the clipboard, and then print.


Hope this helps.

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Guest Growley

I am having an interesting problem with USA Photomaps and my MAP 76. When I download waypoints from my GPS to the program it will download all the waypoints (I think) but it will not display them all. I have been in contact with Doug however, I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

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I haven't even gotten my GPS yet, but I love this little software program. Very nice!!


Small suggestion, make "hot keys" for zooming in and zooming out, suggest "+" and "-". Also make a "fill in the screen" hot key, maybe F9 for refresh or just the Enter key or space bar.


I can't wait to get my GPS MAP 76!!!

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Guest Gliderguy

As far as loading waypoints, I used easyGPS to load them into my garmin in bulk, then I used Photomaps GPS / Waypoints / Recieve to load them into photomaps...


I am thinking there might be a problem displaying tracks now that wasnt present in version 1.30. Anyone else notice this?


One last thing: I have broadband and had downloaded a pretty huge map encompassing the whole Albuquerque metro area. I got to a point just south of the city where the program would download the photos, then give an error message that that row was too long. The data wouldnt re-appear if you scrolled it off the edge of the screen and then back again. The dead area lasted for about 1000 meters worth (5 rows or so) If I try to load stuff further south than those 5 rows it loads up and displays just fine. I just cannot keep any data inbetween.


Anyone else ever have a similar problem?

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