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Vista 3.20 software receiver sensitivity?

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I just installed the latest sotware 3.20 from 3.10 and now I am constantly losing satellite reception. This is in my car in the same position that almost never lost gps reception, anybody have this problem? Can software effect receiver sensitivity?

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Take the GPS out in an open area, turn it on, then leave it there for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

This will install a new almanac in the receiver, and improve performance. The GPS has to sit still during this time, and it is a good idea that there are no trees & such in the way.


I have 2 identical GPS units, and find that over time the updated unit will come back to proper performance. They are the GPS V, and when I upgraded the new one, it did really badly, but I put the gps out in open sky for awhile, and now it matches the older gps. They both have different firmwares.


Always different...Hit refresh



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Take a look at the sat page. First, when you have no almanac data in the unit, all satellites are shown due north.

When all available satellites are shown in their proper position, enough of the almanac has been loaded to determine that.


Then there is ephimeris data too, which has to be loaded to get a proper accuracy. But that you can't see on the GPS, as far as I know.



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