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QuakeMap.com - software for geocaching/hiking

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I Downloaded and tried QuakeMap today. I’m running windows ME (I know, I know) 1.4 gig Pentium 4, 512meg ram and cable modem. I did download and install Microsoft .NET. When I first ran the program there was no maps, just place names, points of interest and towns on a plain white background. The only other thing on screen was a few giant letters scattered around. After closing and restarting QuakeMap I then had a map on screen but still had the big random letters only now they are in gray boxes. View screen shot here. Never could get rid of the gray boxes or the giant letters. Tried to download waypoints from my GPS (Magellan Meridian) and that didn’t work either. Opened window to change GPS settings and set com-port to 1 then speed to 192000, which is the settings my GPS is set to use with mapsend and easy gps. There are a whole bunch of other settings I don’t know what are so I left them at default settings. See the GPS settings screen here. Tried to test connection to GPS and received a message “GPS not responding, Check Cable. May be your GPS is not a Magellan.” The connection is fine, I uploaded waypoints from Mapsend right after closing QuakeMap. I’m pretty sure my GPS is a Magellan because it says so on the front.


I was not very favorably impressed with the QuakeMap and find many other maping programs to be more useful for geocaching. I hope you guys have better luck with QuakeMap than I did.

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I think the letters are there to remind you to register. I also did not have any luck downloading waypoints or tracks from my platinum. It started to download the tracks but quit.


I think I am going to stick with USAphotomap (www.jdmcox.com) since it is free (donations welcomed) and it stores the data on my hard drive, and I can download topo and aerial photos. It also will download waypoints/tracks/routes from a GPSr and allows real-time tracking if you have a laptop. The program does allot of neat things since you can underlay elevation data and get the elevation of where your cursor is on the map. It also allows saving certain things to the SD card, and has a neat route creating tool. Did I mention it is free?


Wyatt W.

Sorry about the poorly done post, I was in a hurry.


The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your actions.


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Thanks for trying!

1. The lettering says "Evaluation" and is there to remind you to register.

2. High bauld rate fails on some machines, default 4800 for Magellan should work fine (9600 for Garmin)

3. We extensively tested with Garmin eTrex Vista, Garmin V and Magellan SporTrak Pro (all on latest firmware). We will improve and test with the others.

4. USAphotomap is a nice and simple piece. QuakeMap offers more functionality and sleek user interface. Produces usable printed maps too!

5. QuakeMap also stores all maps you see on the screen for future "Disconnected" viewing. You can take it on the road on a laptop and see your position on the aerial/topo map as you go.


Happy trails!

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I played with this prog for a bit and found it sluggish. Turns out it was pinning the processor at 100% every couple seconds. Didn't hang around to find out why.


I don't think I'd call the interface "sleek". At least not compared to USAPhotoMaps. I found it a bit cluttered myself.


I'll be sticking with USAPhotoMaps.


Thanks anyway.

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1. The lettering says "Evaluation" and is there to remind you to register.

Well that explains that, I never made the connection but instead just thought it was program error. I don't guess I'd buy QuakeMap anyhow as I'm quite happy with what I'm using now, and it worked right out of the box.

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Originally posted by quakemap.com:

Print aerial and topo maps, zoom in, load geocaches to GPS...

I looked at the site and it seems to be a broader program than just for geocaching.

If printing of maps, zooming in, loading to GPS is the minimum, my CacheMaps can do it all and a lot more!


BigBird icon_smile.gif


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I posted a new version if QuakeMap on the site (www.quakemap.com). Here are the fixes:

1. The serial connection problem on Win98/ME is fixed, port/baud selection dialog simplified. Tested on a 800MHz Win98 machine, works up to 115200 baud with Magellan SporTrack Pro and at 9600 with Garmin eTrex Vista. Should work with all Magellans and at least Garmin V and all SporTrack.

2. The "evaluation" lettering does not appear sooner than 10 days into trial, printed maps are not spoiled either.

3. high CPU usage and sluggish response is fixed.

Please try download it again, feel free to send me your critique to slg@quakemap.com


I appreciate the beating you gave me in this group and will strive to make your time and effort worthwhile.


Happy trails,

-- quakemap.com


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XP is supposed to have .NET out of the box. If .NET is missing (i.e. on a Win98 machine) the error message will say "missing DLL" rather than "missing .NET". It is probably a good idea to use "Start-->Windows Update" and have your machine install all the latest patches from Microsoft (it is good for stability and security anyway). I can come up with better advice if you tell me what exactly your error message says. Did you go with all defaults during install? Is it XP Home edition?

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your system somehow doesn't have .NET component installed. You can check for it and get the .NET here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/downloads/howtoget.asp

More on this issue on www.quakemap.com (click "support->FAQ")

Thanks for bringing it up, I guess there are more XP without .NET in the field and you helped me to clear this issue in the FAQ.


Happy trails,


P.S. nice rocket - do you post pictures of this thing flying somewhere on your web site? I saw such rockets near Victorville, CA.

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