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MapSource version 5.0 as of July 11 Non Beta

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MapSource Version 4.13 to 5.0 Differences


1. Changed software version number from 4.13 to 5.0.

2. MapSource 5.0 is an English only release. Multilanguage support will follow.

3. Changed the MapSource Mps data file version to 1.05.

4. Fixed issue for autorouting on Metroguide maps.

5. Added wait cursor to indicate the system is busy during route recalculation and inversion operations.

6. Added ability to filter tracks. This can be done while real-time tracking, or with previously saved tracks. In real-time tracking, the points are filtered as they arrive using filter settings that can be modified from the GPS tab. With saved tracks, a user can filter the entire track or any sub-selection of two or more track points from the filter button on the track properties dialog. A user can filter by time, distance, or automatic in all situations and by maximum points on saved tracks only.

7. Added ability to calculate area of a track and display on track dialog.

8. Added area calculation to distance measurement tool.

9. Added user preference for area to the units tab of the preferences dialog.

10. Redesigned the track properties dialog's stats display to be a table for easier reading.

11. Added the Dutch, Finnish, Loran TD, South African, and EOV Hungarian grids.

12. Added Croatia and Qatar National datum.

13. Forced a relationship between a grid and its associated datum where appropriate. This is done because certain grids are not accurate if they are not used with the appropriate datum. For example, the QNG grid is always associated with the Qatar National datum.

14. Modified the layout of the Grid/Datum preferences tabs to support the new grids and datums and the new association rules.

15. Corrected an issue where the New Zealand grid was using an improper convergence algorithm.

16. Fixed issue where scrollbar was not being displayed on the GPS tab at 640 X 480 resolution.

17. Fixed issue that caused the status bar text in the main frame of the MapSource window to be truncated.

18. Fixed issue where the status bar would flash when the mouse is moved around the screen.

19. Fixed issue where status bar did not properly "restore" itself in some instances after viewing a dialog.

20. Fixed issue causing distance measurement to display distances in the status bar with too little precision.

21. Added code to prevent MapSource from loading improperly formed routes from GPS Devices (those routes that have a route node as the first waypoint, a known issue in some GPS Devices).

22. Added Cardinal Direction as a new Heading type on the units preferences tab.

23. Fixed issue that prevented user’s from importing routes with large number of duplicate waypoint names.

24. Changed tide prediction so that the Tide dialog is now displayed using the "Feature Properties" right click context menu command instead of having a unique command.

25. Changed MapSource so that BlueChart spot depths are now centered.

26. Added support for transferring maps to removable media (Compact Flash, Secure Digital) over USB.

27. Modified the transfer to device interface so that each device type is enumerated in a separate menu command. This command opens a dialog that only contains transfer options specific to that device type. The menu commands are individually enabled or disabled depending on whether the user can send to or open from a specific device type.

28. Modified Open From GPS and Save To GPS command buttons to be drop down buttons allowing the user to select the device type to do the transfer from a list of available device types. This opens the same device type specific dialog mentioned above. The behavior for the button itself is to open the dialog for the last device type used for a transfer.

29. The user in no longer able to send Maps to a device if no maps are selected.

30. Added capability to erase the Garmin Storage Card.

31. Modified MapSource behavior so that if the user tries to open user data (i.e. maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks) from a GPS device, and the GPS device contains none of the selected data items, the user is notified of the problem and the transfer is terminated. Previously, MapSource would open nothing, and then say, “The data was successfully opened”.

32. Removed the prompts from the selected Maps tab that would display the text “(may not fit)” or "(may be too many)" after the selected maps count/size because this could be misleading for users who had multiple devices to which they were transferring data.

33. Added capability to send waypoints, routes, and tracks to and read them from Garmin storage cards.

34. Moved the selection of the device used for real-time tracking from the transfer preferences tab to a dialog opened by a button on the GPS tab itself.

35. Moved the checkbox for including autorouting data in map transfers from the transfer preferences tab to the maps tab where it is more easily accessible to the user. Changed its behavior so that it is disabled unless the user selects maps that make this decision necessary.

36. Removed the transfer preferences tab from the preferences dialog since it was no longer used.

37. Added a new waypoint symbol for Water Hydrant.

38. Added maneuver types for handling driving directions when exiting the 5-8th exits in a roundabout.

39. Fixed issue with incorrect display of scrollbars in the tide dialog and vertical track profile.

40. Changed name of region submenu on the view menu to be product. Changed all associated text to be consistent.

41. Modified maps tab so that maps are sorted based on the map size displayed. The previous version incorrectly sorted maps based on the size excluding autorouting information, and did not consider the user selection for including the data even though this selection was used in determining the map size to display.

42. Fixed issue where the right click context menu and keyboard accelerator keys were not being correctly disabled in the track dialog when it was the active track in real-time tracking.

43. Fixed an issue where the track points in the active track dialog would scroll to the top of the list every time a track point was added during real-time tracking.

44. Changed the name of the dialog used for managing unlocking of Garmin map products from unlock codes to unlock regions. Also changed the associated menu command used to access it. Reorganized this dialog to make it easier to use and understand.

45. Fixed an issue with the inability to read user data from certain older GPS Devices on Asian language Windows platforms.

46. Changed the name of the Autorouting preference tab to Routing. Reorganized some of the options on this tab to simplify the user experience. Additionally, those options that were not applicable to direct routing are disabled when the user selects the direct routing style.

47. Added support for sending maps to Garmin iQue Palm device.

48. Added support for reading tracks from the Garmin iQue Palm device.

49. Split the route dialog into separate via point and driving directions tabs to support improved functionality and ease of use.

50. Added capability to rearrange via points from within the route dialog.

51. Added the capability to cut/copy/paste/delete/edit via points using a new toolbar on the route dialog. Also added undo/redo capability on route dialog for these processes. Provided keyboard shortcuts and right click context menu access for these menu commands.

52. Added ability to print driving directions from the driving directions tab.

53. Removed the Insert Waypoints button from the route properties dialog since waypoint addition can now be done using the Find button.

54. MapSource no longer allows the user to add waypoints to the route that will result in consecutive duplicate via points.

55. Made significant improvements to the finder dialog. The traditional finder’s capabilities are now referred to as “Find Place”. It has been replaced by a dialog with multiple tabs separating the various types of searches that the user can now perform including: Feature, City, Address, and Waypoint. New waypoint search type is only available when there are waypoints to search.

56. Added “spell and find” searching for states and countries to allow for selecting the name of a state or a country from a list as was previously done with cities.

57. Added category and subcategory feature searching parameters. This allows for users to search for specific categories of Points of Interest with or without additional information.

58. The new feature search now allows for searching by name without specifying a City, State, or Country.

59. Address searching was modified to rank searching results by the “quality” of the match. The previous version showed results in alphabetical order.

60. Added the find nearest capability to allow users to do searches around a specific point on the map.

61. Added the find recent capability, which stores the results of recently performed searches and allows the user to navigate through this list and more easily redo frequently performed searches.

62. Added user preference settings for the new finder capabilities to a Find tab in the preferences dialog.

63. Added the ability to be able to create waypoints from found results directly from the finder dialog.

64. Changed find dialog so that it remembers the last input value in each of the finder fields.

65. Added menu command and toolbar button for doing a find nearest search starting at the center of the map.

66. Reworked the city finder dialog so that it is more consistent with the behavior of the other finders.

67. Provided the capability to better negotiate higher baud rates for serial map transfers to the GPS Device.

68. Fixed an issue where the allowed range of values for the custom speeds in the routing preferences tab was not being enforced.

69. Fixed issue where the “New Track…” menu item on the Edit Menu did not display a description of its action in the status bar.

70. Fixed issue where MapSource would not respond to the enter key being pressed on buttons in some instances such as on the GPS and Maps tabs.

71. Fixed issue with not being able to tab through the controls on the GPS tab.

72. Modified MapSource error log entries so that all future entries will include the application name.

73. Added error prompt to inform user when no map products were installed.

74. Added support for display of Scrub, Tundra, and Orchard area types.

75. Modified the fatal dialog so that instructions to the user would be more appropriate in both beta testing and final release builds.

76. Fixed issue where MapSource was failing when transferring routes and waypoints from certain units when some of the waypoints had proximity information.

77. Provided support for interfacing with and transferring user data to Garmin USB GPS Devices.

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I just copied the Mapsource R&R CD to my hard drive and upgraded to 5.0. Everything seems Ok. I don't understand why with the mega gig hard drives Garmin don't give the option of putting the whole thing on the HD. I finally figured out how to do it and it makes all the difference in world in the speed the maps generate.



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Well I loade it in both my PC and laptop. Funny thing was the laptop just would not download it correctly from the Garmin site. I had to send the file by email from my PC to the laptop. Both programs loaded OK. Haven't tried the GPS transfer yet.


I like the new POI search and route directions printout (Metroguide) feature updates. Both were things I had hoped they would do.



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I couldn't get it to work. It had some kind of error copying a file of the topo east disk. It works fine as a partial install. When I tried to run the program from the hard drive, it only shows the basemap detail, not the topo detail. Oh well, I have a small hard drive anyway.



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Originally posted by Anders:

For me, the 5.0 version works on my laptop, running Win 2000 Professional, but not that good on my desktop machine, which runs Me.


On the latter, it will not print correctly and crashes if I open "About Mapsource" and then click on "Product info".



Have you reported this problem to Garmin?

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Originally posted by Anders.:

For me, the 5.0 version works on my laptop, running Win 2000 Professional, but not that good on my desktop machine, which runs Me.


>>>Your desktop system *runs you?* How does it link up? Hyper Frequency Direct Logitudinal EM Wave Neural Link? Or maybe just a cable from your gps?<<< icon_biggrin.gif hee hee hee


On the latter, it will not print correctly and crashes if I open "About Mapsource" and then click on "Product info".





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