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Mapping Outside U.S.


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This may be a stupid question but I gotta ask anyway. I have a Garmin V and don't really use the MapSource software, just the basic mapping that was in the V. I'm going overseas soon, does the basic mapping cover points outside the US? If not, will other mapping software work or is this unit "keyed" to the U.S.? I think MapSource has some European maps don't they?

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The basemap is the American one, if bought in the US. There are different versions of the base map for America, Europe and the Pacific.

There is a CitySelect available for Europe, and a MetroGuide too. But be aware! The European MetroGuide does not allow automatic routing when loaded to a GPS V, but only when used in the PC. For some reason.


You can read about the European MetroGuide in this review.



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Just for curiosity's sake I marked a waypoint for a cache in Italy on my V and chose to go to map. I did get International Borders, Country names and major/large city locations but had to zoom out quite a ways. No roads.

If you are only interested in caching then you could get by. Goodness knows a lot of us do/did it for a long time without maps on our GPSR's.

That was caching at its purest form.

Good Luck, Olar



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Originally posted by Snowtrail:


I don't have mapping, I've relied on my ETrex for over a year now.


Do I have to change anything on my GPS to go geocaching when I get to the UK?

Most GPS units have to be told where you are by inputting approximate coordinates of your new location if you have travelled more than something like 500 miles without having satellite lock.

Write down the coords of the city you will be landing in and keep it handy for when you arrive and want to start using the Etrex.

Cheers, Olar



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