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Converting WGS84 to NAD27

Guest jeremy

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Guest jeremy

tted on a NAD27 chart will be about 0.65 seconds (65 ft) south and 5 seconds (330 ft) west of its true position.


In some areas of the world, the local datum may differ from WGS84 by a mile or more. Many GPS receivers can be set to display positions in a local datum rather than WGS84. Most Garmin receivers can display positions in more that 100 different datums. It appears that Garmin receivers store waypoint positions as WGS84 co-ordinates, and convert between the currently selected datum and WGS84 as needed, so that the physical location of a waypoint should not change as you change the current datum on the receiver.



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I found this tool that converts DMS <-> MinDec <-> DegDec on any PocketPC Device:


From the author:


Pocket CoCon (Coordinates Convertor)

License: GNU General Public License

Platform: Pocket PC (PDA)

Most recent version: 1.0.1779.4438 (released 2004-11-14)

Pocket Coordinates Convertor (CoCon) allows conversion of WGS84 coordinates between DMS, MinDec and DegDec formats. I wrote it, because my stupid GPS software outputs data in DMS, my stupid mapping software reuires input in DegDec and stupid Geocaching website gives them only in MinDec format...




Very small and useful :laughing:

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....It appears that Garmin receivers store waypoint positions as WGS84 coordinates,<BR><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR><BR>Jeremy

No they don't




According to customer service at Garmin (when asked about the 76CS in particular) they stated that all coordinates internal to the GPSr were stored in WGS84 coordinates, and were changed upon display to whatever system the user selected.


I am not sure if this is true or not for their other receivers . . .

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