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Garmin V and MeMap personalization..Still possible??

La Paloma

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Hi Folks,


I have a Garmin GPS V. (For almost 2 years.) Recently a friend had a Legend stolen (that probably ended up in a pawn shop) and as a result I am now very interested in personalizing the opening screen.

Please forgive me but the forum searches I have done are a little conflicting..Some say it can't be done anymore depending on the version of Emap?? (How do I know what version of Emap I have? Please forgive my ignorance.)

I found some posts as recent as August where the owners were sucessful.


I have updated to GPS V software version 2.3.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Using the procedure from the FAQ page, they is almost no risk at all. I again did it to 2.50 yesterday without a problem.


And yes, if everything fails, just reload the original unpatched firmware file and you're okay.



Robert Elsinga =8-)

geocaching (at) elsinga.org

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Im the one with the ripped off Legend. Dang theives! I uploaded to my new Legend the latest software to my GPS from the Garmin site. It has worked perfect each time I have done it. Also lets me personlize the info on the opening screen. I had just done that on the Legend that got ripped off. So somewhere some bonehead is using a GPS with my name on it intead of returning it to me. LOL!

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