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Pros & cons of Magellan 315 please

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Magellan 315 is a great unit icon_biggrin.gif


it had everything you need to get started in the Geocaching sport, caching I’ve had mine for the last 2 years and very much enjoyed it. The M-315 had one of the best antennas when you are under heave tree cover. The only down side is not having maps. I’ve since stepped to Magellan Gold, the only reason was I wanted to be able to view topo maps for trips and for hunting.
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I'd have to say the 315's day in the spotlight has passed.


With the Meridan family obtainable for as little as $99, you can get a WAAS-capbable unit that supports uploadable, topo maps, SD flash access, and a more modern/sensible UI that the 315 will just not get. Oh, and it includes the PC cable which the older ones didn't.


The 315 won't embarrass you on a hunt (it's not, say, a Pioneer or a 310) but it won't impress anyone, either. It's a competent receiver but it's starting to show its age.


Unless you're getting a real bargain on the 315, I'd personally take a pass.

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The M315 was my first unit,it has never let me down. I have the latest and last version v3.15 which is still availalbe on the Magellan site.

It is not a map unit but if you can get it for 75 to 85 dollars get it. It's old looking but as long as there are birds up there it will always get you where you need to be. I now have a Meridian Gold and use the 315 as a backup/loner, is still proves its worth, i will hang on to it...Any GPS is better the no GPS..

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the 315 is a great unit. here in my area there are no maps or waas signals to avail of so i still dont need to upgrade. this is one of the 2 units the our universty gis and gov. wildlife depts use.


mine has been in the drink, out on my snowmobile in snowstorms, cooking in the truck and any number of other places and no complaints. the gis lab units are given to 1st and 2nd year students with no experience and are treated pretty roughly with out fail. i guess if you want a unit without bells and whistles the 315 is a good choice.

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