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.loc > gpsbabel > .gpx > gpx2html issues


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I searched through the archives and skimmed the results, but couldn't find anyone else having this problem...

Here's what I'm having issues with:

1. Get .loc file downloaded from geocaching.com

2. Take said .loc file and have gpsbabel create a .gpx file

3. Take resulting .gpx file, and try and process it with gpx2html


I get no waypoint output in the resulting HTML/index.html file. Has anyone else gotten this to work and am I missing something really simple? Gpx2html works just fine on the pocket-query-generated .gpx files...


There are differences between the pocket-query .gpx files and the files generated by converting the .loc file to .gpx with gpsbabel:


- pocket query .gpx files appear to have each XML section on a single line

- gpsbabel generates .gpx files with XML sections spread across multiple lines

- pocket query .gpx files end in a DOS-type line feed (^M) whereas gpsbabel-created .gpx files don't


Just curious if anyone else got this to work...



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You missed the one difference that actually means something... GPX files converted from .loc only have the core GPX data. GPX files coming from Pocket Queries have the core GPX data, but they also have everything from the Groundspeak GPX extensions. *THAT'S* where all the information comes from.


You can't make gold out of lead (except, perhaps, by some really difficult nuclear means, of course), and you can't make data out of NULL. Watcher will see that the Groundspeak extensions (and all the data they contain) are missing from the file and tell you that it won't work; gpx2html should probably do the same (just so that the "Why can't $APP create something out of nothing?" question doesn't come up so often).


(By the way, shegget, you don't use Watcher?!?)


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Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy:

What exactly are you expecting to have happen? loc files don't have a lot of data in them, so there's not really a lot to start with as far as gpx2html is concerned; the best you could expect even if it worked would be a list of coordinates and cache names.


Yes I realize there's alot less info... I was just hoping to get the cache names and locations included in the html files with the other caches that I had the pocket-query .gpx files for. There's enough information in the gpsbabel-created .gpx for that at least... (waypoint name, coords). So no, I didn't expect gpx2html to 'magically' find out the rest of the information that is normally in the pocket-query gpx files, I was just hoping to add those cache names/locations to the list of other caches I already had.



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Originally posted by ClayJar:


(By the way, shegget, you don't use Watcher?!?)



Nope, I don't. I have a few pocket queries that generate a couple of .gpx files for me, and then I use gpx2html to create files I can download and view on a palm with plucker.

I wanted to add a few cache names/locations to that list by converting a .loc with gpsbabel (as opposed to making another query to simply add 5 or 6 specific caches). I just figured that, since the basic information for the cache was there, gpx2html would just create an empty (or mostly empty) 'page' with at least the coords and cache name.


I wasn't complaining about either gpsbabel or gpx2html, I just wanted to know if anyone else had gotten it to work. But I guess not, so that answers my question.



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