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Question on SD card with Meridian gold

Mossy Oak
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I’ve just ordered my new Meridian gold, I’ve been checking out SD cards and have read Meridian Gold does not support 128MB card. Before ordering my Meridian Gold, I downloaded the owner’s manual (PDF file); the manual only refers to 8, 16, 32, & 64 Meg cards.


Reading the postings it appears that quite a few of you are using the 128MB cards.


Can anyone shed some light on the subject??


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The Meridian will recognize a 128 meg SD card without problem. There is some issue with loading maps larger than 32 megs (or something like that) since MapSend wasn't designed to create maps that large. There is a patch to fix it... but I haven't even done that yet. I simply load several maps into my 128 meg card and switch them as needed.


Plus you'll be able to save as many waypoints and routes and you can possibly imagine.



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