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Garmin Legend and Quakemap help

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Today I loaded about 40 waypoints for my local area using quakemap and geocaching.com files. I uploaded the waypoint to my Legend. I then for some reason later on downloaded the waypoint from the Legend back to quakemap. The problem I found is that the Legend changed the waypoints name so I couldn't click on a waypoint to access the page on geocaching.com.


Is there a way around this, any help, anything?


Firehouse16 & Code3

"Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"

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Information about waypoints is stored inside GPS in a very limited way - short name, comment (around 20 characters) and coordinates. When you load it back to PC - this is exactly what you get, and there is no URL of the cache page coming back. The URL is needed to support that click-to-drill-down feature (QuakeMap uses .GPX files to store extra info, like URL).


So, the way to work with waypoints, tracks Pocket Queries is to use the original files - I usually make them persistent (loaded on start) using File-->Import menu.


I hope this helps,


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