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How do I Install Meridian Gold Memory Cards?

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Just received my new Meridain Gold this afternoon. The 32MB memory card that Vanns sent is marked "Garmin". I read the user's manual about installing it BUT, I am worried if Magellan & Garmin cards are the same? The little black "thing" with the "Garmin 32MB data card" label seems too long & thick to fit? Is there more disassemble involved?


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The Meridian typically uses a SD card. If the Garmin card is the same form factor (size) it will probaly work... No disassembly should be required... Just slide it in...





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I'm sure that I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but I think the Garmin units use a proprietary memory card. Magellans use a standard SD card, which you can purchased pretty much anywhere. If the card that you have is more than 2.4cm wide or 3.2cm long, you've probably got the wrong memory.




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Judging from the picture on GPS City, I'll give you a firm "No, that will never work."


Contact them for a return. If you purchased it online and they shipped the wrong item, then it's their fault and it shouldn't cost you a penny. If you just clicked the wrong button, then restocking/shipping fees should apply.


If I were you, I'd return the ENTIRE shipment and get a Platinum from shopharmony.com or GPSCity.com (with a pricematch) for the same money you paid for the Gold. Geeez, Vanns is mighty proud of their stuff.

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Thank you ALL! I really appreciate your information. I am new at this -- does it show? LOL It did not look like it would work but I trusted that they sent the right stuff.


But now I do have a Meridian Gold to keep my Brunton company -- even if I still can't get those little topo maps into the Gold yet.





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