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magellan 315/320 upgrades

dave and jaime
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has anyone noticed a black vertical line appearing for a instant on the screen when powering up their 315/320 after completing the upgrade to v3.15? ive noticed it on several units i have access to with the upgrade, it doesnt seem to affect the operation and reinstalling the firmware and resets doesnt eliminate the line, the line doesnt alway appear (~70% of the time) and it isnt always in the same position.


anyone else with the same problem?

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Just tried mine and got the vertical lines. Since my mag315 is a stand-by unit it doesn't get used much and I discovered the batteries are dead. Plugged it into my power supply and no more lines.??????

I'm out of batteries so I can't try it without power supply. I don't remember seeing them before though.

I don't think I would worry about it too much.


Cheers, Olar


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I have noticed it in easlier updates too. If you want to see a line show kill the batteries all the way, then try to turn the unit on (keep pressing power button) and the lines will randomly appear on the screen till you let up on the button.


Update: My meridian also does it, but it appears and disapears alot faster.


Wyatt W.


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