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Magellan or Garmin?

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The legend is smaller and has a better screen.


The Sport Track has a slightly better antenea and if I'm not mistaken averages.


The garmin interface is easier to use IMHO.


Were it me, I'd go legend because I keep 500 waypoints in my GPS and the Sport Track seems to have an issue with font size and screen clutter with waypoints. Heck if I had a legend I'd keep 1000 waypoints in the GPS.

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Im in the same situation of choosing as you, the5vons. I've read alot of reviews that the legend has trouble maintaining a signal when near buildings or under trees. The ST map is supposed to have a bit better reception. Im in Canada, and a local store is selling the legend at $269, and the ST map with canadian cd for the same price, so right now im leaning towards the ST map. Any other opinions out there???

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I didn't think there was all that much of a difference between US and Canadian dollars, but you might want to check those prices on PriceGrabber

Both ST map and the Legend are comparable units. The antena difference is slight, but nothing to hem and haw over. The electronic compass is over-rated...a $15 Silva is much more accurate and doesn't have to be calibrated, and you have more choices of GPS units if you don't worry about the compass. If you can see the sun or moon, a Magellan GPS will tell you the correct direction to go. I have a Meridian simply for the expandable memory.



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Well, the lowest price on pricegrabber comes out to $221.48 CDN. The device alone sells at this store for $249, which is reasonable when you think about customs and shipping. The $269 CDN deal is for both the device and the MapSend Canada CD (Normally $111 CDN).

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Yesterday I had a friends Legend so I used my etrex and the legend on the same cach. The legend took longer and lost the signal 3 Xs, whereas the etrex lost the signal once, this is all because of canopy cover. I had updated the Legend from the website and activated the waas. there didn't seem to be any difference between none and waas. Anybody else had any experience comparing?

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WAAS uses geo-stationary satellites. By definition, these satellites must be over the equator so you are going to have more trouble getting a WAAS signal from NY than someone (like myself) who lives in the south. It also take a little while to get a good WAAS lock. You should have been locked onto Satellite 35. Once you get a lock the other satellites will show a "D" on their signal strenght bar on the sky view page.


Even though I can get a good WAAS signal, I rarely even bother with WAAS. Even with a good signal WAAS can, on occassion, actually hurt your accuracy.


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I'm only familiar with Garmin, but the Garmin eTrex Summit has an electronic compass and no WAAS but it's around $200. This unit does not have any mapping capabilities.


You can get a new eTrex Vista with electronic compass, barometric altimeter and 24 MB of map storage for less than $250. I have used an eTrex Legend for years when I upgraded to a Vista. I find that the e-compass really helps when cache hunting. The new Geko 301 has WAAS and an e-compass but like the Summit this unit does not have any mapping capabilities. A lot of cachers are using the GPSmap 76S which includes an e-compass and WAAS and a little better antenna. However, these units are usually over $300.


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I got my Magalan Meridian for $99. Upgraded the memory and got Mapsend Topo and it was still less than these other units. WAAS comes in real handy here in SoCal and I love the mapping. Electronic compass is useless. Unless you spend alot of time standing still.


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