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Audiovox GMRGPS V Garmin Rino

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Anyone have the Audiovox GMRGPS? It seems to be priced between the Rino 110 and 120. Anyone know if the Audiovox peer-to-peer is compatible with the Rino? Does the Audiovox use the same protocols and waypoint standards? There's not a lot of info on the Audiovox website... icon_frown.gif



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Is this the new one that audiovox is making, because they made one before (8 channel gps). And the only review I saw of it was not very favrable.


Or is this a new product, I heard something about audiovox (or cobra) coming out with a new GPSr with radio.


Wyatt W.


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I can't find a GREAT list of stats on the AudioVox. I'm guessing it isn't compatible with MapSource or anything else that the Garmin has built a standard for.


I'm sure the Rino is worth it's weight in gold compared to the Audiovox.



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I've had the Audiovox and the Rino 120.


-The Audiovox is heavy as a brick. The rino is very light, esp if you use Lithium Batts.

folds down, making a great breaking point for the unit

-The Antenna on the audiovox . One drop and it might break off if it lands on the antenna joint. It becomes flimsy over time.


-Rino 120 software is far superior.


-Rino 120 has voice scramble. This may not seem like much but I'm into radio listening and I routinely listen to radio broadcasts with my scanner. I hear some weird and personal stuff all the time.


-Street level Mapping available for Rino. If you've ever had Street Level mapping, you know you'll never go back to basic GPS without it icon_smile.gif


-Did I say the AUdiovvox is heavy? I mean someone picked one up, they would wonder how it could be so heavy.


-There are only 2 advantages that I can think of to get the Audiovox: Rino 1 watt, Audiovox 1.9 watt. Both radios had about the same range however, this could be due to the higher quality antenna of the Rino and better tuned electronics.


-The other advantage is cost. $200 vs $50-100. So the only real advantage the Audiovox has is cost. You can get 2 for the price of 1 Rino.


Just my opinion from having both.




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I would'nt go buying any car stereos or any car audio from AudioVox, thats like buying a Kraco or some other cheap Kmart electronics.


What I feel I must mention though is a friend of mine had an audiovox cell phone and it worked everywhere!! It wasnt the service either, most of us were on the same service and she would be able to make and accept calls when nobody else could.


Im not saying they dont make good stuff, I just would not be happy with their audio products. I would buy the GPS/Radio if I could get it for $50 or less icon_smile.gif




Krs, Kar & Na

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I think the thing that scares me the most about it, is that everything I've seen describes it as a radio that does this, a radio that does that, a radio that does this, and... oh... it also happens to have a GPS attached. Just makes me believe that they haven't spent a lot of time perfecting its GPS performance. But, that said, I will admit that I have bid on a couple on eBay. I bid a max of about $40-$50. I figured at that price it was worth having as a back-up. They are selling for little more than that, but that's all I was willing to go.

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