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What model GPS is everyone using? V

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What GPS units have you gotten since Topic number 4 died away ?


I now have a 2nd GPS V gpsVclosethumb2.jpg


Here are the previous topics:

What model GPS is everyone using?

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These topics are somewhat old so here it is again.


My Old posts as Geoffrey

My Current Post as GOT GPS?

My Home Page about what is GPS


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Garmin GPS V. I swear by it.


The auto-routing is about 90-95% accurate (every now and again I get betrayed by maps vs. actual, but not often), and saves me TONS of time finding the right road when I don't know the area. And in the field, when placing a cache, the "Average Location" function gives me spot on results for other finders...I usually let it take 100-200 automatic readings (more if heavy tree canopy) to derive a good set of coords.


I also have a Garmin eTrex Vista as my "backup" unit, and for any newbie caching companions I might bring with me.


-Dave R. in Biloxi, MS

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I use a Magellan Sportrak pro for geocaching.

For the car I have a Dell Axim using the Pharos gps card.


Both work great, can't compare to any others b/c I never used any others.


What I am looking for now is what mapping software to purchase for the Dell axim. Looks like Mapopolis is the best bet... still not ready to shell out a hundred bucks just yet.

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