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Any info yet on SA on/off for the war?


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. . . “Why screw with good people who vote, like me, by screwing with my toys here at home?” one journalist complained Wednesday on an e-mail discussion list.

Richard Langley, a University of New Brunswick geodesy professor who has studied GPS for 20 years, told MSNBC.com that civilian users probably have nothing to worry about.

Back in 2000, the U.S. military said it wouldn’t go back to the bad old days of “intentional degradation” of GPS signals. Instead, it would use more targeted tactics, including selective signal-jamming in the theater of military operations.

“People outside the theater can expect to use GPS as they have. ... Of course, national security overrides any statement that may have been made,” Langley said . . .

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Selective Availability will NOT be reintroduced. The Pentagon has stated it over and over. In fact, during the first Gulf War, it was turned OFF! Yes, SA could be turned back on just by a simple command to set the degradation to a certain point, but as has been stated numerous times before, if they need to block GPS, they will do it in a regional manner. The Air Force can send up planes with electronics on board to completely disrupt the civilian channels of the GPS system over Iraq. There is no reason for them to reintroduce SA in the US or anywhere else worldwide when it is so widely used for emergency services (Civil Air Patrol in locating downed aircraft, OnStar and other in-car GPS assisted systems, etc.). Please kill the rumor! Your GPS service isn't going to be affected.


http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/FGCS/info/sans_SA/docs/GPS_SA_Event_QAs.pdf <- SA FAQ.


William Barnhill



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Originally posted by NuclearWinter:

.... Please kill the rumor! Your GPS service isn't going to be affected.


And the sooner everyone drops this "expectation" that SA will be back the better.


From actual data that's available in the Gulf region I'd even hazard a guess that the systems's performance has actually improved "considerably" in the past 48 hours compared to the past few weeks. Still requires trending over the next few days to validate but there's certainly appears an improvement right at this time.


Cheers, Kerry.


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