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cool Mac OS X software - useful for geocaching

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Originally posted by Prime Suspect:

Or you can just go to LostOutdoors.com, and do it with any browser.


Where "any" is presumably defined as "at least one version of Internet Explorer". From their own site:


Sorry, but the LostOutdoors.com Waypoint Exchange is currently limited to Windows PCs. Further, you must be using either Netscape's Navigator (version 4 or higher) or Microsoft's Internet Explorer (version 4 or higher) as your browser. You must also have scripting enabled on your browser.


We will try to add Linux and Macintosh support sometime in the future. But, well, don't hold your breath...


If you need more help, check out our tips page, or email us at help@lostoutdoors.com .

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If someone has a web server with some actual bandwidth and a bit of available CPU horsepower, I'd be willing to contribute some Perl scripts that do what LostOutdoors does without any client-side scripting. They do require halfway-decent CSS support, but that shouldn't be a big hurdle.



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I think that there must be some confusion. The MapMaker on LostOutdoors does not use any client side scripting and works with just about any browser.


On the other hand, the WayPoint exchange, which sucks waypoints directly from your GPS, does use client side components. That is because it directly accesses hardware (RS-232) on your machine. As far as I know, there are no server only ways to accomplish this. And, semi-generic solutions, like Java, are typically closed off from hardware for portability and security reasons.



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