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Decent Pocket PC GPS Receivers?

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Are there any decent Pocket PC GPS receivers that anyone would like to recommend? Are there any that are comparible in accuracy, signal strength, etc. to a regular handheld GPS unit?


I'm brand new to GPS, but have had a vague interest in the technology for a while, and am thinking of purchasing my first unit. I'm trying to decide whether to buy a standalone GPS unit (the Garmin eTrex Legend looks good), or to look for receivers for the Pocket PC.


I can see pros and cons either way: good colour screen on the Pocket PC; but not as rugged as a proper GPS unit.


I found a few possible units for the Pocket PC here; and another one here.


P.S. I have an HP Jornada 568.


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Hi S.B.,


I have the Dell X5 with a CF GPS, it works great and makes an expensive device like the PDA all that more valuable. I just started using mine for GeaoCching and am using a CF GPS I bought thru ebay, about $100. There are many selections, try to find a GPS with the low power draw chip set.


I am using Delorme Xmap for handheld for streets and maps and VitoNav for the caching part. Another Cacher here, David Stein, has developed some promising software for cachers. Read about here under the topics (search "DavidStein")


Good luck with your PDA/GPS. I'll never buy a stanbdalone GPS again (I have a Garmin II+) and it works fine, but not anywhere near as flexible.


Good Luck, Be Safe,


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I had an eTrex and an Axim and a 256mb CF card. A sure fire recipe for Pocket PC gps ability.


I ordered a cable online from here:



I can hook my axim to my etrex now and I bought the bundle that comes with a lighter adapter for powering the axim.


I already had a fairly large CF card for map storage, and I don't really want to cart my Axim onto the trail all the time so I went with the less cool and elegant solution of having the cable.


Just didn't want to give up that CF slot and have to invest in SD memory. But a CF solution would be a lot more elegant icon_smile.gif


what kind of pocket PC are you trying to use?



Another advantage of this is that I have a rugged, weather-proof GPS that I unhook and take with me on the hike to the cache, leaving my fragile and pricy axim out of harm's way.


Plus I already had the GPS so there was no new investment. If you're starting from scratch, the CF card version is definitely cool if you have the cash. The only concern would be ruggedness, but I think you can get an otter box or something if you're really concerned and want to use it on the trail.



trippy1976 - Team KKF2A

Saving geocaches - one golf ball at a time.


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Another good site to learn about PDA/GPS combinations is GPSPassion.com


I personally use a Globalsat BC-307 on a Dell axim. Using Mapopolis software here in the USA, the combination gives me auto routing, voice commands, and very up to date and accurate maps. The receivers with the SiRF II/LP chipset also tend to be more sensitive in the crud than stand alone units. On the downside, PDA's are quite fragile devices really, so I use a stand alone unit for hiking etc.


Finally, with a PDA you can generally connect a stand alone unit via a serial cable, which means you can get a cheaper non mapping unit if you don't really need the maps while hiking. You can then use the GPS/PDA combo on the road and get the best of both worlds.


Good luck

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Thanks for the info and opinions, guys!


As of this moment, I'm leaning towards the eTrex w/ Pocket PC connection option, for the simple reason that the Pocket PC itself is not really the thing to be taking out on the trail. (I'm way too protective of my trusty Jornada.)


Thanks again. icon_smile.gif

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