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Hacking a Rino/Legend/Vista

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Has anyone ever taken apart their Rino? I'd be curious to know what the feasability is of upgrading the RAM in the unit. I'm assuming that due to size constraints the unit uses hard mounted RAM, but if one was to unsolder it and replace it, I wonder whether the Rino would access the higher memory or not? Likewise with a Legend or Vista.


I want to take a GPS with my on my trip to Europe, and I just can't find one that fits the bill. The eMap comes closest, but it annoys me that Garmin uses proprietary memory sticks and charges an arm and a leg for them. Why would I pay $169 for Garmin's 128 MB data card when I could buy twice as much SD memory for less than half of that (256 MB for $70). It's a scam!

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My 2 cents...


May I suggest getting a Magellan Meridian or are you allergic to Magellan? You can use regular SD cards with these w/o hacking anything. I agree with you that the price of the "branded" memory cards is outrageous and that's precisely for this reason that I went with the less proprietary solution and got a Meridian.



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Originally posted by Indiana Cojones:

I wonder whether the Rino would access the higher memory or not? Likewise with a Legend or Vista.

It's not very likely devices like these would have the software to "detect" the amount of memory attached; it's much more likely to be hard-coded into the software.
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I'm not thinking of it being something coded into the software so much as simply an inability of the hardware to address memory outside of a certain space. For example, most newer desktop computers are incapable of using more than 1GB of RAM, even if you put it in. Apple's new G5, which is 64-bit, can address 8 GB of memory.


I've looked into the Vista, but 24 MB of RAM ain't much when you're looking at backpacking around Europe. I'm guessing that would get me London and maybe a few suburbs.

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