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ENOUGH! I am tired of salespeople who don;t know, so I ask the community. I am "NEW" to GPS but I know I want a unit that will work for geocaching and have the capabilities to load some street maps when I am out of town. I do not need to store them but rather replace then as needed. Price is a BIG issue as I am retired on a fixed income.


Someone please help....





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As far as Magellans go, I would look for a Map 330 or go with the Meridians.


The M330's can be had reasonably priced on ebay.

The Sportraks seem little more than re-packaged M330's.

I dont think there is enough difference between the M330 and the Sportrak Yellow or Sportrak Map to justify the extra cost of the SPortraks. If memory and the ability to switch memory cards are a feature you want, then the Sportrak Pro may be worth buying.


I have no idea about the Garmins or how they compare to the Magellans. I know my M330 and Sportrak Map hold lock REALLY well in cover.







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