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New geocacher needs hardware advice...

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I just bought an eTrex Vista about three weeks ago, and my company has a Magellan Meridian Platinum at work for field work. I spent a hour trying to help a work mate figure out how to change unit settings on the Magellan...I would recommend the eTrex Vista for ease of use as far as menu's (the eTrex seems more intuitive to me), and its definately smaller and more ergonomic - all that being said and done they both provide the same level of accuracy and basic functions. You will get a fine GPS unit either way, and for the money you'll pay for either one it comes down to personal preference. If you can get an opportunity to play with them in store, I think you'll be able to make your decision.

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I got mine last X-Mas. WOW its great, i personally dont like Magellan's. They are bigger, and have alittle less features, PLUS, Ive heard all the Magellan software doesnt compete with Garmins Mapsource software. I LOVE my Vista for its jam packed options, and its size and shape.


Plus, In my eye , Garmins are better made, and seem better quality.


I did about one month of research before i bought mine. Got mine for $290 after shipping.

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im also planning to buy a new gps and ive been heading towards the magellan sport only because i have used magellan 315 and i have also used a garman yellow and the yellow doesnt keep a good signal unter trees where as my magellan keeps a signal even in dense evergreens.

my question is to garmen users in the new modles is the reception better. Does it hold a signal or does it get lost alot?


Hard in Easy Out

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Well, unless the Megellan madel has a Qual Helix antena, the reseption should be about the same. My Vista does a pretty good job in trees, it hates when your in a steap valley, but I think they all hate that. It loosing signal if I try to just strap it on me somewhere and its not facing the sky well. but, if your holding it in front of your it does prettty good. mine also works good in the car once it has a lock.

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I really like my magellan meridian platinum. I've tried garmin etrex, lowrance globalmap 100, magellan 310, and a magellan meridian. I find that the Meridian is not as bulky as the as the globalmap 100 (although a fine unit) and easier to operate than the Garmin etrex (buttons on the side are hard to operate with gloves) and more accurate than the Magellan 310 because neither of the above gps units have WAAS except for the Meridian Series.

Also the SD card slot enables you to load different maps onto the card(s) and plug them into the Meridian Without much hassle. They say it floats but I won't willingly take them up on it. For my money, it's the Meridian series. icon_rolleyes.gif

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I have an eTrex Legend. The Vista and the Legend are basically the same unit except that the Vista has a barometer, electronic compass, and 16 more megs of memory.


I love my Lengend. I've used a friends Meridian and can't say I like it much. I'm actually thinking of getting a second Legend, or maybe even a Vista if I feel like spending the extra money.

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