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Software for mapping and caching...

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Howdy.. I have searched and found many good recomendations for Software, but I don't seem to have found an opinion on which of these you all like best. Help me out here.. If I'm going to spend $0-$100 which would you buy.. Or like best.. (BTW.. I would rather Not spend a more then 50-60)

Thanks You all!! Happy Hunting.

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I also use Expert GPS and TOPO!, but I would also recommend becoming a Premium member, not only to support the website, but also to get pocket queries. I have pocket queries to give me the 300 nearest caches I need, which I then download to Expert GPS. Expert GPS only gives you maps with one cache on it, I want a map with all the caches I need on it. I download the waypoints from Expert GPS to my GPS and then download from the GPS to TOPO! I have created custom maps on TOPO! with all the hiking trails shown, so that I can print out a map with the trails and the caches shown on a USGS topo map.

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You can EXPORT a .tga file from ExpertGPS and import that into TOPO. Much easier and faster than using the GPS twice.


ExpertGPS shows me ALL caches on a map, not just one. I must not have understood your statement.



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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