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Reconditioned? GPS III Plus?

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This morning while thumbing through the paper I tripped over the Garmin GPS III Plus on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods for $179. Reading the fine print, it said that these units are reconditioned and have a one year warrenty. So I picked one up... everything about it looks new, I wouldnt have known that it was reconditioned unless they had disclosed it. Does anyone know what "reconditioned" actuall means?


see ya, jeff'


Camping Hoosiers

Memphis, Indiana. USA

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While I was talking to a Dell Computer rep, he told me that if a unit is returned to the warehouse for any reason, even if it was not opened, they could not sell it as new. If the box was opened, they would test the unit, repair it if it needed it and mark it reconditioned or refurbished and send it out. If the box was unopened, they would stamp it reconditioned and send it out at a discounted price. So my point is even if you buy a refurbished or reconditioned item, it may be brand new anyway. My two cents

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I had a Magellan 4000XL, that I broke. I sent it in, and got back a reconditioned unit, that looked alot cheaper than the one I sent in. The case was cheaper made, and the Backlight was not as good.


I just sent in my poor GPS V for repair, and I hope that the replacement or repair, get me back a quality looking unit. Of course function is better than looks.



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I bought a G III+ reconditioned from an internet gps

reseller and it has worked flawlessly for months. Like you I wouldnt have ever known it was not "new".

But I paid $199 ! I want a rebate


"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." Yogi Berra


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From the horses mouth... thanx, jeff'


Thank You for contacting GARMIN:


We appreciate your inquiry. A reconditioned unit simply means that the unit has been returned to GARMIN for one reason or another and "reconditioned" or fixed to like new condition, and sent back out. The units are still good and useable in every aspect. If you have any problem within the first year of ownership, GARMIN offers a one year warranty on all manufacturer defects, and is the same as the warranty you would receive from a new unit.


Best Regards,


David Hubbs

Product Support Specialist

GARMIN International




Camping Hoosiers

Memphis, Indiana. USA

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