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Garmin V vs. Garmin gpsmap76s


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Is the Garmin V really all that good for hiking and backpacking? i don't own a gpsr yet but would like one for hiking,

backpacking and the car. the V looks good for the car but to big and bulky for

hiking/backpacking. the gpsmap76s looks small enough for hiking/backpacking yet has an external antenna connector for the



what are the plus and minues of each for the car and for hiking?

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Shown here is a picture of the V vs. the 76s (courtesy of Markwell)




In the end, I strongly recommend looking at both the V and the 76(s) 1st hand. The size is deceptive and neither is better, they are both built for a slightly different user and both have their strengths and weekness'. Do some searching and you'll find many threads about the V and/or 76s.


The only time i would prefer the V over my 76 would be while driving for the routing. In the end, it wasn't enough to pull me away from the 76s. It suited ME better.


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I use a Garmin V, and have found it to be a great all-around unit. Used in the car, it can't be beat because of auto-routing. In the field, there are other units that may perform better, in particular the higher end Magellans which have embarrassed me under heavy tree cover, but I'm quite happy with my V.


Look again at that side-by-side picture. The V is compact, like a cell phone. It does have that odd triangular shape, but this allows you to set it lengthwise on your dashboard, and then flip the antenna and screen orientation to use vertically when holding it in your hand. I thought that the triangle shape might feel funny in my hand, but it actually fits quite comfortably. It's also small enough to tuck into a tiny vest pocket at the top of my fisherman's vest, so that I can maintain decent reception without holding the V in my hand.


As for external antenna, if you get the Garmin V, don't waste the money. I have never lost a satellite lock while driving. Average accuracy is 18 feet while in the car.


Note that I have no personal experience with the Map76.



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