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Our Garmin eTrex Legend

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I just wanted to post a really positive word about Garmin International. I broke our GPS unit last night when I was getting out of our truck to go on a virtual cache. The GPS screen broke after hitting the concrete.


I called Garmin this morning so that I could get the fixing process going on our unit. I was totally honest with them about what happened. They said that most people are not honest about the mishaps and because of my honesty, they would fix it under warranty.


I want to give Garmin International a big thumbs up and tell you thank you.


I am also going to go buy another unit today (because of my obsessive compulsive disorder with geocaching) and plan on buying another Garmin eTrex Legend. I would recommend that unit to anyone wanting to go geocaching, not only for the ease of useage, but for a company that has my absolute respect.


Thanks again Garmin!!!!

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I would like to add my 2cents worth about Garmin.


This is one great company when it comes to customer support. I have had several problems (or thought i had problems) and everytime the customer support person has been great.


I even asked for a picture diagram on how to connect my wraist strap to my Rino 120...cause it was not working... they sent me a whole back cover with the strap attached...WOW!!


All my future needs in GPSr will come from this company....




Wretsub .. Georienteereer!!

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GOT GPS said:


but the accuracy is better with the GPS V, than my Vista ever was


I'm surprised your G-V was much more accurate than your vista. I would have expected the G-V to be more accurate in the open, less accurate in flatter terrain with trees, and quite a bit less accurate than the vista in mountainous tree cover.


I've done quite a few side by sides with my legend and sportrak where I used the PDA to average the position on the legend so it could be more comperable to the sportraks averaged output. In the open, I found that the sportrak tends to be somewhat more accurate, sometimes by as much as a third less error. Both receivers generally seem to be withing about 3 meters though, so the difference really isn't that much in distance. In the trees, I find the legend generally does better than sportrak, with it being more accurate by around a third of the distance a lot of the time. In this case, my error is generally in the neighborhood of 10 to even 15 meters. Forested mountain areas, the sportrak error rate tends to get quite a bit higher, sometimes up to about 50 meters. The Legend generally cuts this error by about half.


You'll see similar results if you compare similar electronics, but different antennas on tests such as the one by the forest service at this link:




They only played in the trees it seems, and didn't try areas prone to induce more multipath problems.


When same make, but different antenna eTrex/GIII+, the GIII+ was more accurate in the open, the etrex in the trees, unless averaging was used.


Similarly, the comperable electronics Magellan 2000 with it's patch antenna did virtually the same when compared to the blazer 12 with it's helix antenna.


It all comes down to terrain and conditions as to which will be more accurate. My personal prefference is for the accuracy in the tough conditions, as the better accuracy when you're almost on top of the waypoint anyway doesn't seem to matter as much to me. Your mileage may vary of course.

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You are a big liar. No, no....I AM ONLY KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's great to read that.


Sad as it is...I depend not a bit on customer support from anyone or anything.


If it breaks I simply replace it on my own. I know, I know....terrible attitude....but my experiences with coorporations these days are so incredibly bad that the $$$$ extra means less to me than the hell I have to go through to get the most simple of things done.


They won...I can't fight them. <smile> - JamesJM

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