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New PocketPC GPS software package: CacheDragon


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Great! Thanks everyone! I really look forward to getting this program and putting it to use. I wonder when we can expect an update, and if updates are made available to persons whom purchased previous versions.


Also, has anyone heard from Mr David Stein recently?

I see his last post to this forum was September 22. We can only hope his school and patent law work is going well!


Thanks Again!

Tyman (and Dad)

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Take a look at UI-View maps. These maps are used in the APRS world of ham or packet radio. The maps com with a small .inf file with calibration information.


I also use UI-View and Maptools. It does work pretty slick.


A couple other utilites that will create calibrated maps are UI-Tera that will pull images from MS Topo server and will created a calibrated Topo map image. It can be downloaded from http://www.ui-view.com/uiview32/uiter100.zip.


Also another one is Map Grapper that will grab a image from Street Atlas and give you a calibrated map image. This only works with Street Atlas with the older interface. With Street Atlas you can place any type of icon or text on the map before you grab it and it will show up on the calibrated image. It can be found at http://www.apritch.myby.co.uk/sagrb124.zip


I have used some of these custom map images in Expert GPS. But they probably can be used in other programs.

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David has not posted here for more than 2 months, despite repeated requests. From what I hear, he does not even reply e-mails. I don't think we can expect an upgrade anytime soon, if ever. David has most likely abandoned the CacheDragon project. That's a pity because the software was promising. Too bad a major bug remained in the last version which severely limits the functionality of the program, and David did not bother fixing it. He left his users with a buggy piece of software. I'm truly disappointed. Looking back, I decided wisely when I did not pay for CacheDragon.


An alternative to CacheDragon would be VITO Navigator plus GPXSonar.

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I have tried Cache Dragon, i thought it would work. After I paid for it it hasnt worked out. It locks my machine, looses data and as far as i am concerned, it looked like a good idea that didnt pan out.

Maybe i will try it again in the future but i dont think so..


If there was a way to get my money back, i would.



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And any software I put on my system that won't allow me to uninstall without having to go into the registry and delete all the entries isn't worth the data it was programmed with.

well there is that also. I cant get rid of it.


oh well. I have mapopulos and figuring out its neat tricks.

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oh well. I have mapopulos and figuring out its neat tricks.

I've been using Mapopolis for a couple months now and wouldn't do without it. I use the gpx list converted to mlp and find the caches on the map first (along with GPXSonar for all the details). I use the maps to get to the area where I'm going then get out the GPSr and go from there. And hooking my Magellan to the PDA and doing real time tracking and directions is really cool. Works like a charm and quite accurate. Sure it's off a bit here and there but it would get me where I'm going in a place I've never been before. It's pretty good software for caching and especially makes it so paperless....

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