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Vista Vs. The V - Help!

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My family and I are brand new to Geocaching. We are looking to purchase a GPS. We want one that is advanced enough to last us a few years. I've whittled my choices down to 2 units on Amazon: the Garmin E-Trex Vista and the GPS V. Help! Which one of these 2 is the best for geocaching or is there something else out there? I'll shut up now and let the experts speak...thanks in advance.

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I'd go to http://joe.mehaffey.com/ and read until blue in the face. The V is more money, but you then have a GPSr that can be used for autorouting in your car too.... The package comes with a mount to be used in your car, and a 12V lighter adapter. Nice package, can be found online for around $350. It is a larger unit than the Vista, but still comfortable to hold, and decent on batteries.


You won't be sorry.



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We have a V, an etrex summit and a standard etrex. The V is brilliant for use as a sat nav tool and can get you very close to the cache by car. It is reasonably OK for caching but seems to hate tree cover - it looses position a lot more than the etrexes do. The Summit with it's mag compass and better pickup is great when you are getting close.


The V is not an ideal unit for carrying around as the strap it comes with won't let you hang it round your neck (ideal for theose more adventurous caches) - we replaced it with an etrex strap.


For robustness both are good as I have dropped them on numerous occasions. The GPSV has survived so far but the Summit has had to be repaired (on warrenty) once.


The choice really comesdown to wether you want autorouting or not. it's cool when it works but you can spend a lot of time downloading maps if you change caching locations a lot.


So there it is - I havn't recommended either just told you my experience.



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Originally posted by The Idiots:

on Amazon: .


I've bought a lot of things on Amazon, GPS stuff isn't one of them.


TheGPSstore(.com) and TVNAV are two great dealers who know GPS, offer great service AND the best prices.


I went with TheGPSstore.com, ordered over the phone and had a lot of my questions answered by them. They matched the best dealer price I'd found and the transaction went smoothly.


My final choices were the V and the 76S. I am no expert, but I chose the 76S (search my posts and you'll see a detailed list as to why it was the right choice for me). Having said that, depending upon your use, the V is one heck of a value.


Good Luck... After buying your GPS, pay a visit to ThomasDistributing.com for you rechargeable battery needs.


Also wanted to second the note below about visiting Joe M's site on GPS info. The best out there for volumes of information!

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I think my eTrex lost a lock much more often than my GPS V. And I hated having to hold it horizontal all the time.


I'd say hands down GPS V if you want a real GPS. If you're just looking for something easy to hold and will go around your neck, then get the Vista. But IMO these aren't good reasons to buy a GPS.


Edit: Well I did have a legend, and it didn't have the compass. The compass is a really cool feature and YES it will help you for geocaching, but I'd give up the electronic compass for the autorouting anyday, autorouting just rocks.

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I have not tried the vista line but the Gar V is great for me. If you want to hold it like a Vista, you can toggle the screen from landscape to portrait and back whenever you want. I have tried the Map76 but like the Gar V better.


Also before you buy, West Marine (closest to Bend in Portland unless one in Eugene), matched the printed out web price I got as my lowest , including the shipping of course. Have fun, I love my G V.


KTF !!! GBWY !!!

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I bought my first Vista last August, and my second in April. The first is still fine, but when my wife asked to borrow it for a breif trip with some friends, I realized that I didn't want to be without it even for a day. It is so light and easy to use, once you get the hang of it, and it does so many nifty things, I rarely leave home without it. Although it prefers a clearing to achieve an initial fix, it maintains contact quite well under cover. I usually get a reading within 10 feet when I am at a cache site, and often 5 feet or less. I have not used other units, but for me, the Vista leaves little to be desired.

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It seems that everyone agree about that the two units (GPS V and Vista) both are good, but what one really wants is both.


The GPS V for more automotive activities, and the Vista for carrying around.


I have the Vista only, and think it's very convenient to bring with you. It does loose sat lock in dense forest now and then, but I can't compare to the other types, since I haven't used them. It makes a lot of difference how you carry it, though. If you hold it flat, it will work a lot better.



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Thanks all who responded...we bought the GPS V. Couldn't live without the auto features. The gist of all replies seems to be both. So we'll try the V for awhile and then maybe I'll have to spring for a Vista too. Couldn't beat Amazons deal anywhere. Thanks again...The Idiots

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The V has autorouting which has proven handy.

The V has a better antanai and won't lose it's lock as often as a Vista.


Both have mapping which in my opinion is important unless you have a tone of Quad maps to run around with. Both do routing (ever try to drive spagetti trails to find a cache?) which is important.


True the Vista has a neck strap and the V a wrist strap. So I'll plunk down 3.99 and get a neck strap. I'm happy with my V and having seend the Vista in actino I'd not switch. Though if I had a Vista I'd not upgrade to the V either.

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