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Garmin "Blue Charts"

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Hi All,


Does anyone use Garmin's - "Blue Charts" to navigate or fish with? Are they as detailed as NOAA Chart's,w/ contours, buoys, obstructions etc?


I like the looks of their new PDA - Ique3600 & it accepts Blue Charts & would make a really compact & versatile unit for me w/ all it's features.

Thanks for your time & help.

Thanks, Paul

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The Ique is not spec'd as waterproof. But for around $20 there are a variety of clear waterproof pouches that will make it fully waterproof (e.g. AquaPac tests to IPX8) and let it float. Of course you'd also need an extra battery pack so you can be charging one and swap as needed.


The sample shots I've seen of BlueCharts looked like the NOAA charts, but I haven't used them personally.

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The new Garmin from my observation so-far is that No -it does not float but a decent little covering should take care of that in a center console boat I feel.

But, the multiple uses & color & talkie & streets & destinations & poi's & blue charts & topo's and auto route planing & palm & in the car & on the boat & in the woods etc.& on & On for $450 is amazing to me.

It's not out yet & maybe when I see it it won't be what I thought it was.

Well, you know. But, sure sounds like fun.

Thank's Paul

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Blue Chart Data works good for me, I use a Garmin

gpsmap176c I have the california to mexico data

card, It has depth info, detailed shore line info

obstructions are labeled also, I'm very impressed,

I havent tried the cd rom version. But I assume it

is the same, You'll have to buy a bluechart unlock

code for more then one area. But overall it's a

good information database for marine use. icon_cool.gif

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Cap'n- I have the CD version of blue charts,I unlocked all of lake Michigan. the charts KICK BASS!. they ARE nav charts that are scanned to software. they are only as up to date as the most recent(or the charts they have)charts.pick the area you want ant look at NOAA's link to charts(if you can find it) , the blue charts consist of ALL tyhe maps for specified areas,harbours,rivers, smaller close ups ,ect, HOWEVER remember your still relying on the GPS to "place" you accurately on those maps. meaning map shows you in 50 FOW ,depth sounder says 70 FOW= GPS reading off whatever distance that may be.

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