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Buy GPS in NC, where?

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Hi all,


I´m new to this geocaching thing, and desperatly need your help!

Since the meriplat is about 720$ (lowest price incl sales tax) in Sweden, I´ll send some money with a friend that is going to North Carolina in a couple of days. I can´t shop online, so there will be no 239$ at shopharmony icon_frown.gif

Since I´m living in Sweden, warranties are not important, but the possibility to verify function of the reciever at the purchase is!


(I´m also thinking of buying the Sandisc Cruzer 128mb SD-card USB storage device, please tell me that I can load the maps whith this little device.)


So... the big question is... where to buy the meriplat in the eastern part of North Carolina, Raliegh/Wilmington.


I have already wasted far to much time sitting att the internet trying to locate a store that has the item in stock, and at a resonable price.


Sorry for my bad english,

-thanks in advance / Jan

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I´m afraid that there is not enough time. It would be sad if he had to leave US before the reciver was delivered... (he is only staying 4-5 days, I find that to small a window for online shopping...) besides, there seems to be some additional problem when you don´t have a creditcard issued in US, and on top of everything wants the item shipped to another place than your homeadress.. And I don´t think my friend wants to sit at the hotel waiting to sign the delivery.


By the way, tanks for taking the time to answer!


Help needed - pleeeeas write icon_smile.gif

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Hi there,


I am in NY so I'm not a source for local bargain shopping but I just did a search for Dick's Sporting Goods stores and there are a couple of them in Raleigh/Wilmington area. It's a larger kind of store I would think that they should have a Meridian Platinum in stock. Good Luck, I hope you get some info from some local people that can help out but maybe this will be of some help if you don't.

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Thanks Ttepee,


Yes that store seems to have the meriplat, so my friend doesen´t have to come home empty handed, and that´s a good thing icon_smile.gif


-but- you are absolutely right, I was kind of hoping that there might be stores in the area whith the item at a lower price....


I belive there is a "Costco" in the area, selling the meriplat at 294$ (280+5% for non mebers), and "Thegpsstore" - selling at 300$.

(sales taxes not included in these prices)


As I´m a student, I don´t mind getting a bargain from time to time icon_smile.gif

Besides, whith my luck, it´s a good idea to have a couple of places to choose among if the item happens to be out of stock, or the store has moved away from the area etc. etc.


Moving the thread might be a good ide. But I don´t know how icon_frown.gif Think I´ll try my luck here first.


There is still time - keep coming icon_smile.gif

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Hehe... Yes, that is one of the alternatives I mentioned above,(Thegpsstore)isn´t it?

They seems to have a deecent pricing on the meriplat. (did I mention that I have spent some time on internet trying to find the best deal...)


Now, what I would love to hear, is something like "why dont you go to .... shop, they offer pricematching" or, perhaps, "try this little computer shop on ..... they are only asking 250$ for the meriplat"


I fully understand that there is a reason for the higher price in some shops. But as I live in Sweden, I will not benefit from any warranty, and I´m plain and simply going to tell my friend -"this shop, this items, this price, check that the unit is working, pay and come home!"


There will be no return of goods for whatever reason. (say, isn´t that the dream customer..icon_smile.gif


Sure is looking forward to getting my hands on this little gadget icon_smile.gif


Thanks Doug & Linda, all help is appreciated

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Well, I guess they charge the highest price we customers are prepared to pay icon_smile.gif


In my case, I´m prepared to pay some extra $ for the possibility to check the GPS for defects before bringing it home to Sweden.


I will not, however, pay more than I have to..


Since Costco seems to have both the meriplat and the Sandisk Cruzer 128MB, at a total of 378$ (non member) + sales tax, I think thats my store.


It´s not like the 336$ (incl. shipping) online from Compuplus, but it´s close enough for me, unless someone comes up whith a better store.....


Still watching this forum like a hawk!

- keep coming!

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Above is the link to the GPS Store. It is located in Ocean Isle, NC.


The price is $299.95. When you click on the buy now button it gives you the lower price.


Their contact info is:


The GPS Store, Inc., 6899 Beach Drive, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Phone 910-575-9544 - Fax 910-575-9543

9am to 5pm Eastern time. Monday - Friday


It should be an easy drive for your friend.


Hope this helps.



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