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Expert GPS question

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I sent the following e-mail to topografix a week ago and have had no reply. Can anyone on this list help me? Thanks in advance.


I have read the manual several times but I cannot find any reference as to

how to control what maps and photos Expert GPS will download when "enable

internet retrieval" is selected. When I select this option, I get the maps

and/or photos I want, along with many that I do not want, including multiple

scales of the same map or photo area. I have only learned to use the delete

map tool by trial and error, and have no idea what scales correspond to

which maps or photos. I can find no reference regarding the download map

tool and I cannot figure out how to use it.


I have limited space on my hard drive, and I seem to fill it with maps and

photos I neither need nor want every time I run Expert GPS. Please let me

know where I can learn how to use this interesting program efficiently.


Mark Applebaum

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That's a tough one. I know this is probably not the answer you're looking for but disk space is pretty cheap. I think I just saw an ad from CompUSA for a 40GB hard drive for US$40 after rebate.


Other than that, Dan from TopoGraphix frequents these forums and might be able to offer better assitance.


FINALLY!!! Something useful I can do with that Geography degree. :-D

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My 30 Day demo expired, so I'm doing this from Memory..


If you use the map tool small yellow arrow pointing down toward the right side of the icon row, You can click-drag a portion of your map.


It will bring up a resolution list. You can check and un-check what resolutions you care to down load.


Further, If you are in Topo it will only down load tops's.. if in Aero, only Aero's


My Goal was to down load groups of 600MB and put them on cd. Problem was all the different CD writing softwares I used Choked on the 10 thousands of "Tiny" resolution files. I will be purchasing ExpertGPS and working to only download the resolutions that I use most.


Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the suggestions, but I still cannot make it work. If I enable internet map retrieval, I get multiple maps and scales, even when I use the download to to limit the area and scales. Without it enabled, I can't download any maps. How can I get Topogrfix to reply?




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To get the map ypu want you need to duble click on the Waypoint of interest (move your curser away for the "double-clicked waypoint, the row should be deeply highlighted, then click on "Map" from the toolbar, then click on the map type you are interested in (e.g. New Aerial Photo Map Window")



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