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MAP76S-New Features, New Questions

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Yesterday after powering up my 76S for the first time, I noticed something on the satellite screen that I have not been able to find in the manual. If you look at the "skyview" screen on the outermost ring a small circle appears and moves around at you do. I don't know if this has something to do with the compass or not. Anyone else figured out what this is for? Also...While sitting in my living room I was able to pull WAAS signals! I shutdown the GPSr multiple times and each time I restarted it I got WAAS. icon_biggrin.gif

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Scrapman; Nope, I have my unit right in front of me and on the outer ring there is a little circle that moves around. The N E W S are there also but this circle will move only on the outer ring as I move around the yard. I guess this will be my first "new" e-mail to GARMIN. Stay tuned..

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Look on page #5 quick start guide. It does show a circle on the outer ring. Here is what I found. With the unit in North up it will show the circle you are talking about.If your unit is facing north the circle will be North .As you turn east, west etc. the small circle show the direction the top of the gps is pointing in. If you are facing west the 0 will be at the w side of the Satellite screen and so forth . Try it out.

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Scrapman, you are correct! After looking at page 5 of the quick-start guide I saw that little circle. I tried it out on the way home from work, watching the circle and my vehicle's compass. They basically matched. That is a cool feature! Good job Scrapman! Now on to the next question...

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Go down to the ocean and calibrate it to about 4 feet over the height of the water. But why does it matter? Like you say Florida is flat; it can't vary more than 10 or twenty feet I would guess at the most where you live. Also while you're busy checking your "height" you might trip over an alligator. Those swamps look mighty close to where you live. icon_wink.gif



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