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External antenna

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All depends on what youre looking for. It's a patch antenna which some say is not as good as the quad helix. GPSInformation.net shows pros/cons for each one.


I have a legend and it works fine. I use it for the car and Geocaching. Sometimes it does loose lock however I've also been inside hotels and been able to get a lock. From what I've read in the threads there are many things that impact the signal.


GPSInformation.net has a lot of good information. You can also go to my links page and find all sorts of links including information on how to build some external antennas for the legend should the need arise. I've not really needed to build one but YMMV.


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Hi there. I was wondering if any geocachers have ever had to use an external antenna with their GPSr? I am looking at getting a Garmin eTrex Legend, but I want to know if the built-in antenna will be enough for future use.


I have a "Micro Mouse" external antenna. Comes with adapters to fit several different types of units. The antenna is a little less than the diameter of a golf ball & has a magnetic base plus a small included ground plane & the current draw is minimal. What really is useful is not that the external antenna is any better than the built in unit (don't put a lot of stock in the 25db gain the manuf. claims - db's are elusive), but that I can position it anywhere I want. I like to keep my gps in a fanny/hip pack under my coat where it stays warm & dry. I attach the external antenna to my shoulder or backpack with a piece of velcro. That way the antenna is ALWAYS out where it has a relatively clear view of the sky. No lost signals.

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