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ask Garmin what we want . . .

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There are more caches like this example. They give you 2 or 3 point that you have to find and mark in your GPS. They also give you the distance to the cache from the landmarks . . .


But then? Calculating the crossing of 2 or 3 cirkels is not whan I do in the field so I use a map and measure the place where the cache should be with an error of maybe 100 meters.


Now the part where we need to join and help each other. This task is not so difficult for the GPS unit so I asked Garmin (I have a Vista) for a new function in the next software release. I also know that if enough people ask it will be done.


So, write an e-mail to garmin sales@garmin.com and ask for a function that calculates a waypoint

(the cache place) from 2 or 3 waypoints and the distance to the cache. Note that you will have 2 possible cache-waypoints when you have less than 3 landmark-waypoints.




Hope you will use this method next time you place a cache.



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Sorry Stefanne, but you mentioned *my* cache as the example and that new function would make it too easy. =8-)


BTW: my GPS V has Proximity Waypoints, which do this job nicely. I was only 15 meters off the real coordinates this way. Then you use the hint... =8-)



Robert Elsinga =8-)

geocaching (at) elsinga.org

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Remember I was close to the cache with the paper map as you told me. But still if other people ask for this new function (The vista doesn't even have proximity waypoints as far as I know) this type of cache hidding would become more populair. After all, it is the fun of the game . . .



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Originally posted by stefanne:

There are more caches like this


You have me very interested in this as I'm always looking for new ways of designing a cache. Is there an English version available for the above cache page?

Thanks, Olar



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It is a bit off-topic but here it is:


Very easy to make because you hide a cache and mark 3 points in the area. Your GPS software will give you the distance to the cache.


In this case it is an tower on 7.66 km.

A playground (the entrance) on 8.74 km.

And some kind of bridge on 1.82 km.

The text that directs you to the landmarks has to be very clear! But in this case 2 of the 3 points can be found on a topo map. It's better to use point's that are not on any map.


There is a cheat: on 89 meters of the cache there is an big stone (with memorial plate) with an given bearing to the cache.


But back to the topic: will you also write Garmin an e-mail??



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