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Etrex yellow vs SporTrak Map?

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Okay.. I'm new to geocaching, and getting my first GPSr soon. At first I was thinking about the etrex yellow at $120, but then after I found a store very close to me didn't have it. They pointed me to the Magellan models, and the SporTrak Map at $199 has a $50 mail-in rebate. I'm not looking to spend too much on a GPSr, so what would you guys suggest I do?

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Well, having maps is mighty handy. If the difference is not a lot, then I might go for the Sportrak Map. Also, I think the antenna in the sportrak series if far superior to the one in the etrex series under poor signal conditions like tree cover. Personally, I'd recommend the Sportrak Pro bundle at Costco, which is a bit more than you are thinking about (I think it's $289 with a $75 rebate) but it comes with everything you might need (windshield mount, car power cable, data cable, map software). It's all I ever use.



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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Even with the non-mapping base SporTrak, which also happens to be yellow I think, you're getting more features in the gps than with the etrex yellow. The base sportrak is probably comparable to the etrex venture. The yellow etrex isn't the best deal out there anymore.



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