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ipaq and geocaching

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Although there are compact flash GPS receivers that you can add to your iPaq, most are pretty expensive for what you get.


Also, the add ons generally do not rival the stand alone receivers when it comes to battery life and durability (ex. many handheld GPS receivers are water proof, your iPaq is not).


You can buy an entry level receiver like the Garmin eTrex for about $100. Some users augment their receivers with a PDA. For example, Daniel at our office takes an iPaq with him on adventures. He connects it to his basic eTrex and uses it to provide live http://www.lostoutdoors.com type aerial and topo maps. You can download a trial version of his app (called SkyEye) from our office site http://www.etree.com (I think it is $10 to register).


Frankly, I added SkyEye map support to LostOutdoors, but I, personally, leave the PDA at home when I'm enjoying the great outdoors.


Good Luck,


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The comment about battery life is a very good point. If your Ipaq fails and you're in the "middle of nowhere" you can't change the batteries. You can get some extra life by using an exernal battery pack plugged into the charging connector but that's just something else you'd have to drag along. Having an extra two batteries for a regular GPS would be a lot smaller and more convenient.

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I have a Ipaq with Teletype cf unit and teletype software for it. It is great for driving

anywhere using door to door or whatever but i have not used it for geocashing mainly because

the battery wont last and it drain's pretty fast too. It nice to use Topo map's on it and put your own maps using this software if you have a place to charge it or extra battery packs, and that will get expensive. Also waterproof is a big issue too.

Im just waiting for the Garmin Rino to come

out to use for geocaching and i'll have the best of both worlds. Ipaq = for driving, Rino for geocaching.


2 battery packs = $150-$250

1 garmin Rino 120 = $210 <---- waterproof

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