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Garmin Etrex Legend

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I think you should pay about $150 after rebate. I got mine in December for 198 at Target, and got the rebate in Feb. Garmin does their rebates internally and have a quick turnaround compared to others.


I like the Legend. It is a good size (most mistake it for a cell phone), is very accurate and easy to use.

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I have an eTrex Legend and I find it quite easy to use.


With easyGPS I can download all my waypoints with ease and I find the accuracy pretty good as well.


My only complaint would be the relatively small screen size for these old eyes but then, the small size makes it easy to carry.


"The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!"

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I've had mine for 4 months and absolutely love it. It's small, reliable, and accurate.


Although I managed to only pay $110 using Staple's promotion coupon and price match guarantee, I think the best you can do now is to buy it from Staples.com for $199.98 and then add a box of pens to bring your total to just over $200. Use promotion code 63867 (exp. 3/31) which gives you $30 off a purchase of $200 or more. That brings your final price after rebate to around $120 plus $15 for taxes. Staples shipping is free.


I think this is your best bet right now. Good luck!



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It's a great machine for geocaching. Sometimes it gives a false location when I'm on top of a rock pile or a granite mountain (satellite signal bounce?), but it's helped me to find over 100 caches. The mapping feature is great for seeing where caches are in reference to other caches and waypoints.

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If you ever go cac hing with friends or family you might consider ponying up a bit more cash and getting the RIno 120. All the same functionality as the Legend, plus a walkie-talkie (and the nifty ability to see the location of other Rino users!).


I just bought one recently, after having used a Legend for a couple years.

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My wife and I have both a eTrex Legend & a Venture. We bought the off of Amazon.com. The Legend was $199 with a $50 rebate, so braking done to $149. The Venture was $149, no rebates. They are both very simular, but the Legend is the higher of the two. It shows a map on the screen and the Venture does not. They are both very simple to use. We are also just beginners

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just started to use a Legend. I agree with the thoughts above.Unit is nice and compact. Easy PC interface means simple downloads of MapSource data (although I find this software limited and am currently upgrading).

On the negative side, it eats batteries, so it is a good tip to run it with "GPS tracking off" until you need it, and invest in some 1800 NiMh rechargables.

The antenna seems OK, but did struggle the other day from inside my car, although I use it on a mountain bike a lot - so Juries still out on this one.


All-in-all - go for it - nice unit


Gretings from The Slapter - Cornwall, UK

Who hopes to live forever - so far, so good!!

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Hi, I just bought a e-trek legend. Used it a little so far, mostly in car. How does this unit do in the woods? Sometime I would lose my reception in the car, but that is only if I didnt have it sitting on the dash. So makes we weary about it being under the cover of trees in the woods. I bought this unit so I wouldnt get lost in the lake, but will also use it when I hike.


My opinion, not yours...there is space for yours, so lets hear it...

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Under trees I have not found it too bad, although, to be honest, my experiences of other GPS systems is negligble, so I have nothing to compare it to.

My biggest disappointment was in the car, but having said that, I used it today on a car trip, and never lost it once icon_biggrin.gif

Suppose its swings and roundabouts


Gretings from The Slapster - Cornwall, UK

Who hopes to live forever - so far, so good!!

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Anybody here have any experience with staples? I don't see where the promotion codes mentioned earlier are accessed. I haven't gone thru with attempting to order one so I don't know if it's in the ordering process.


Anybody know who has the best price? The best I have found is Office Depot (actually a subsidiary) who sells a new Legend for 199.99. The shipping/handling is around 6 bucks so the total is basically 206 before the $50 mail-in rebate.


Anybody know somewhere cheaper than this?



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Hello All,

Rather than opening a new topic I just resurrected a related one. I'm just getting started and I have now ordered my Legend. I am a little weary of what accessories and software I "need". As stated I am just started and for now only plan to use it for this new hobby (geocaching of course icon_wink.gif). thanks for any input.



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Welcome Les,


I have just recently upgraded my gsp to a legend and I can tell you that I love mine. If your just starting out, the only thing that I would say you should invest in is a case for it (nylon case with clear plastic over display) Anything else like map software or mounts for you car/bike can be bought on a "as needed" basis.


Good luck, and have fun


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The base map has all of the major road on it, side street generally aren't shown. But you can just look at the navigation page while your trying to get to you starting point for caching. I would say that mapping software is nice, but not required or anything.


I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers

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I just ordered mine from amazon for 189(i think) then with shipping right around 200. So after rebate it will be close to 139-150 spent....sad thing is I just bought the venture less than a week ago. luckily it was from circuit city ( going to test their no questions asked return policy)


can't wait till i get the legend icon_smile.gif

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