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so i have to go out and buy map send?

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Sure, you can't orienteer with the level of detail in the MapSend Topo detail maps, but if you're orienteering, you'd better have a real map anyway. Topo more than fills my needs (it's got the streets and it's got the elevation).


Now as for S&D, I don't use the POI database, so it'd be completely pointless for me. The POI data that Topo has is good enough (although it's more like, "Oh, that used to be there." than "Okay, so there's a [whatever] 2.6 miles northeast."). I wouldn't want to trade the topo detail for more POI.


Now, as for how much you can load... You neglected to mention which receiver you have (MAP 330, MAP 330 hacked small basemap, SportTrak*, or Meridian with xxMB SD card), so I can't give you a good answer. I'd give you a few ranges for an example, *BUT* you seem to have forgotten to put a location in your profile.


(We'll forgive you, but please do put at least *something* in. Answers on these forums tend to be *highly* regional, as everything from caching seasons to park rules to detail map density depend quite strongly on region... I can fit huge areas in a small SD card, but it I lived near Washington, DC, the same are would have vastly more streets and take up much more memory.)


Oh, and the MapSend products are all 1 CD a piece (MapSend Streets, Topo, Streets & Destinations, etc). For obvious reasons, no downloads available.

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